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The end of day thirty-four and the start of day thirty-five…  End of week 5 in sight!
Morning weight:  313lbs.
I am now down “60/67”.  As in, 60lbs down from my fasting start weight:  373lbs, and 67lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast):  380lbs.  Today’s loss is a 2lbs loss, down from 315lbs yesterday.
Today I had my colonoscopy / endoscopy at the local hospital.  They took my vitals and my weight (on their scale) was:  330lbs.  I asked how accurate the scale was since it is different than my home scale and, at my visit to the urologist on Monday, his office scale put my weight at 309lbs.  The nurse said it is a professional-medical grade scale and is calibrated every quarter by the State hospital inspectors because it is used to calculate the anesthesia for procedures.  He said it should always be within 1 or 2lbs of totally accurate.  This weight is significantly different from my scale, but I don’t have access to their scale on a daily or weekly basis, so I will continue to use the weights from my own scale.  As an experiment, when I got home I tried to duplicate the weight by moving my feet and leaning forwards, backwards and to the sides.  I was not able to get within 5lbs of 330lbs, no matter what I did.  As I said, I’ll just have to stick with the girl I came to the dance with…
Results:  I don’t know.  The doctor said he found a single, small polyp in my colon, which he removed for biopsy.  He also said he found something in my throat / esophagus.  Unfortunately, I was still pretty doped up and didn’t catch what he was saying.  My wife said she didn’t either – except I’m to call next week for a follow-up appointment.  By then the results of the biopsies should be back.  So, time will tell…  My wife also said the doctor said I won’t need the procedures again for five(5) years.  Since I am currently on a three(3) year follow-up, that’s a good thing.
Prep Notes:  Just a quick recommendation to anyone who has to take the “Suprep Bowel Prep Kit” for your own future colonoscopy, it is foul tasting at room temperature with tap water.  The mixture says to keep it non-refrigerated and to mix it with cold water.  I had the first batch (there are two you have to take) at room temperature with “cold” tap water.  EEYYUCCKKK!  It makes you want to retch.  This morning, I mixed the second batch with ice water (sans ice), and it was tolerable.  The flavor is cherry cough syrup with a healthy bit of sea water mixed in.  Still yuck, but not as bad as when warm / room temperature.
A second thing I feel worth mentioning is the main / first ingredient is Sodium Sulfate which is considered a “neutral” salt.  Now, because I’ve been fasting, I’ve had very little salt in my diet over the last month.  (Yes, I know my “veggie-broth” contained salt and pepper.)  The “salt” is considered to be an electrolyte – similar to what you would find in Gatorade.  There is a caution in the attached medication guide that the kit can cause arrhythmia in those persons subject to them.  Well, I have AFib, which is a type of arrhythmia, and guess what?  Last night I woke up with severe palpitations which lasted from 12:30am until just before 4:00am.  They were bad enough I had to get out of bed and sit up to feel comfortable.  Which is why you should ALWAYS read the medication guides before you take the meds and ask your doctor about them.  In my case, didn’t and did.  I didn’t read and I did ask my doctor.  However, I didn’t ask him specifically about this Rx.  I did make sure he was aware of my AFib in advance.  Next time, in three or five years, I will be a little more aggressive about my questions.  A word to the wise…
Tomorrow at noon will be the end of week five(5).  With the news from the hospital scale, I’m now a bit disappointed.  I know I shouldn’t be, but facts are facts even when they are ugly.  If I am really 30lbs away from 300lbs, I won’t get there in a week or two.  If I choose to go with my home scale, I’m within a couple of weeks of breaking 300lbs and being able to think:  “I lost 80lbs!”  This is where ego and vanity and a sense of accomplishment intersect and get twisted.  What started out as a seven(7) day juice fast to jump start a change in behavior is becoming (between my ears) something else.  The question I have for myself is:  “Okay…  Then when is enough, enough? 50 days?  100 days?  80lbs?  100lbs?”  Perhaps I’m just tired from last night’s lack of sleep, but I don’t have a good answer.  At the moment, it’s still Saturday at noon…
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The end of day thirty-three and the start of day thirty-four…
Morning weight:  315lbs.
No change from yesterday.  I am still down “58/65”.  As in, 58lbs down from my fasting start weight:  373lbs, and 65lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast):  380lbs.  This is now the third time during this fast in which I’ve had no change from the prior day.  The other two “no changes” happened on:  1 August and 15 August.  With today, that makes it (coincidentally) at almost two-week intervals.  The interesting thing about this is yesterday I swam for my normal hour and then also registered over 12 miles on my FitBit.  That’s a lot farther than I normally walk, yet, it didn’t seem to influence my weight loss.
Good news:  I took my wife to the plastic surgeon this morning and he removed the stitches from her cancer surgery.  The swelling has gone down 95% and he says she will be right as rain within a few more days.  He said give it one more day and then she can wear makeup on the scar.  That will make it virtually invisible until it finishes healing and is really gone.  Yippie!!  Cancer is such a scary word to us spouses.  I’m so relieved she’s all through it.  (I’m pretty sure it’s scary to the people with it, too.)
Colonoscopy Preparation:  I drank the medication (laxative) on schedule this evening (and the required water) and everything is “moving” normally.  LOL!!!  This is my third go-round and the procedure is slightly different.  In the past, you got one big packet of powder to mix with water in a large bottle and you drank it all the day before.  Now, you get a box with a cup and two six ounce bottles of fluid.  You mix each bottle with 10 ounces of water and drink it all down.  One bottle roughly 18hrs before the procedure and the second roughly 6hrs before.  In both cases, you have to chase the laxative with two 16oz glasses of water within 1hr of drinking the medicine.  In my case, I drank the mix pretty much straight – in about 2 minutes and had finished the 32ozs within a 15 minutes of starting.  It took about 40 minutes to kick in and after 2hrs seems to be pretty much done.  I’m starting a second 32oz of water to try to avoid getting dehydrated.
Additionally, the prep calls for no eating the day prior and the day of the procedure.  You are only allowed clear fluids.  Broth is allowed.  I made some (modified) “French Onion Soup” for lunch as I didn’t want to drink apple juice and white grape juice all day long.  I used Swanson’s Beef Broth and added chopped onion and garlic.  I then strained out the bits so it was only broth again.  It was absolutely sensational – delicious!!  I don’t remember anything tasting so good.  LOL.  See what veggie juice and fruit juice fasting does to one’s perception of colored water?!  I, of course, did not have a wedge of cheese covered bread or croutons floating on the “soup”.  (But, I sure wish I did…)
The problem / issue is the packaged broth has 37% of your minimum daily requirement for sodium (salt) in one serving and the package has four servings.  In essence, I had more than a whole days worth of salt in one meal.  Hardly a good thing for someone who’s had virtually no salt for almost a month – fasting remember…  Results:  slightly elevated blood pressure and pulse and my hands and wrists feeling “full” (not exactly bloated, but full) for the afternoon / evening.  Fortunately, the prep laxative seems to have relieved the water retention issue while cleaning out my colon.  Still, a lesson learned…
Tomorrow morning I finish the prep with the second bottle of solution and then in the afternoon, I get the procedure.  Oh, yeah.  Before I forget, I am also getting the other end checked out too.  That’s called an “endoscopy”.  The doctor figured if I’m under for one, he might as well do both.  I agreed.  I am not sure how I’ll feel this time tomorrow, so there may be no fasting post for the day.  Please keep me in your prayers and / or positive thoughts!
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