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Last week I was driving home from work and decided to listen to some tunes instead of my normal “talk” radio or Giants game.
An oldie but a goodie came on: “Emotion” by the BeeGees.  The song was written by Barry Gibb, but was actually made famous by Samantha Sang (with the BeeGees singing background).  The BeeGees later covered the song on a greatest hits album.  It’s simply one of those songs which sticks in you head for days…  I’m not sure there’s a better compliment than that.
A few songs later, another old favorite of mine came on:  December ’63 (Oh What A Night) as performed by The Four Seasons.  As you can imagine, for this one, I’m cruising along singing at the top of my lungs!  Fortunately, I’m alone in the car.  🙂
I haven’t gotten around to adding many videos to the other songs on my Poems page, but as promised, I have added video at the bottom of these new additions.
As always, check out the lyrics first and then watch the video at the bottom.  Enjoy!  And don’t forget to get out and support your local arts in person…
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