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Get someone else to blow your horn and the sound will carry twice as far.
    —    Will Rogers
[For example:  #45 – The pathological liar in the Oval Office.    —    KMAB]
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The end of day twenty-one and the start of day twenty-two…
Morning weight:  341lbs.
I am now down “32/39”.  As in, 32lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 39lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s loss is a 2lb loss, down from 343lbs yesterday.  It also represents a +10% body weight loss from my highest ever weight (the week of / before I started this fast).
I am a creature of habit.  It makes feel comfortable to have an idea of what to expect each day.  Today was disruptive.  After walking my dog in the morning, I drove up to spend a few hours visiting my brother.  He is on dialysis four times a week for kidney failure and he also suffers from vertigo, so he isn’t able to get out and about much on his own.  I try to visit him at least every 4 to 6 weeks for a bit of in-the-flesh company.  This visit made the fast difficult because in order to stave off hunger I have to be able to drink regularly.  In order to drink regularly, I have to have ready access to a toilet.  My brother lives about a 45 minute drive away.  This means I can’t really drink until after I get there and I have to stop well before I’m leaving so I can make sure I’m “empty” before getting on the road to come back home.
I made it both ways without bladder issues (i.e. failure), but I wasn’t able to drink my normal amount of fluids.  This put me right on the edge of energy failure.  As I said, I got through it, but it left me physically exhausted.  Not physically tired or sleepy; just sit on the couch and melt into the cushions exhausted…  And then I had to suck it up, have a drink to get my energy back up and go for my “swim”.  I try to go for a swim each day.  I don’t actually “swim” that much.  I tread water for an hour and then I try to do 5 or 6 laps with a kick board and / or breast stroke.  Except for toe touches, that’s the sum of my daily exercise.
Reactions:  Complete surprise!  I am now three weeks into a (planned) 7-day fast and I feel terrific.  What was meant to be a jump-start into a food / eating lifestyle change has evolved into a mini-achievement all its own.  I must admit this is both a surprise and unexpected.  A surprise because I feel so good after this amount of time.  Unexpected because I’ve lost so much weight.  As stated in previous posts, I have completed four 30-day fasts in my life and many shorter (10 days, 1 week, and 3 days) fasts, but I have never been this successful in losing weight.  As near as I can recall, on each of my 30-day fasts, I averaged about a pound a day and was never more than 30lbs in three weeks.  (In fact, 30lbs was usually my end of fast result.)  I also had much more frequent plateaus where I might not lose a pound a day and then “suddenly” drop 1 or 2 pounds.  This time around, 2 pounds a day seems to be an average loss.  Now, in fairness, my maximum weight (380lbs) was FAR more than any prior starting weight (by 50 to 100lbs), so I had a LOT more weight available to lose going into this fast.  Bottom line:  I’m expecting the law of diminishing returns to kick in any day and I’ll start having more 1 pound-a-day losses and more multi-day plateaus where I don’t lose anything.  But even expecting that change, I feel terrific in myself – clean and getting healthier.
New Goals:  Because I’ve FAR exceeded my initial objective, if I break fast tomorrow, I won’t be disappointed and beat myself up.  I would like to make it to Tuesday noon (which would be 25 days).  Beyond that, Friday noon would be four weeks and the following Monday (27 August 2018) would be one full month.  But that is 10 days away and seems like a far horizon…  Practically speaking, my “weight” goal is to shoot for six more pounds.  This would put me down 38lbs from my starting-the-fast weight (373lbs) and would be a 10% loss from there.  But that is “probably” 4 to 10 days away, and it too seems like a distant horizon…  (Do you see how easy it is for ego to start to slip into these situations?)  Day by day, day by day…  🙂
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When I started blogging (back in July 2009), I didn’t really think anyone would be much interested in my posts or blog site (in general).  That’s proven to be more or less correct… in the grand scheme of things.  I have some regular followers (about 10, I guess) and I must admit to being mildly surprised the number is that large.
Generally, my purpose for this blog is to relate things I’m doing, what I’m thinking about, movies I’m watching and books I’m reading.  I must admit to one bit of ego stroking I have developed over time, though – watching the incremental increase in the count of countries which have visited my blog.  I would like – at some point in the not too distant future – to look up my statistics and see I’ve been visited by at least one person from each country on the planet.  I don’t have any real expectation of having a visit from Cuba or North Korea, as I understand they are fairly closed countries in terms of internet access.  Having been visited by every continent (except Antarctica), I would just like to imagine my site had become “truly” global.
Today I added the Google Translate widget to my site under the monthly calendar in my right-side column.  Maybe being a little more local language friendly will help.  I guess only time will tell…

Image of Worldwide Visits as of 2 July 2018

Worldwide Visits as of 2 July 2018

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Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2  —  movie review
Today’s movie review is for the “recently” released Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol 2 (2017) starring Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star-Lord, Zoe Saldana as Gamora, Dave Bautista as Drax, (voice of:) Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon, (voice of:) Vin Diesel as “Baby” Groot, Michael Rooker as Yondu, Karen Gillan as Nebula, Kurt Russell as Ego, Elizabeth Debicki as Ayesha, Pom Klementieff as Mantis, and Sean Gunn as Kraglin.  Basically, Quill, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot are the Guardians.  Ayesha and Ego are the baddies.  And, Mantis, Yondu and Kraglin are tag-alongs.  Nebula is “different” because she starts out a baddie and ends up a Guardian who leaves the team.  Vol. 2 is a sequel to the 2014 “surprise” breakout hit.  In the original, the team members are introduced, thrown together, they save the galaxy and start a movie franchise.  In this sequel, the team becomes a “Disney” family: ‘ohana – nobody is forgotten and nobody gets left behind.  Just a quick word about Yondu: he has a major purpose in the film and, technically, he too becomes a member of the team, so maybe, tag-along is not the correct description.  But, Yondue isn’t a good-guy and he’s not a baddie, so, like Mantis and Kraglin I’m just putting him down as “tag-along”.
Does it work?  Is this a good movie?  Is it a great sequel?  In order:  Yes, so-so and it’s okay.
Wow!  I can hear you saying?  What’s up, Kev?  This is a super-hero movie with special-effects galore…  Why just a so-so reaction?
Let me backup…  With one exception, this movie has received TERRIFIC positive reviews by EVERYONE I’ve asked about it.  Who was the exception?  My son, James.  The person I went to see the movie with.  His reaction: It was good, but not great.  James is INTO comics and he knows the back story to all of the titles and characters.  He is also a bit binary.  He wants the story to stay faithful to the comic.  More often than not, the movie doesn’t stay true and this upsets him.  I’m not that big a stickler, but I have my moments too.  This movie was not true to the comics and so his rating: good, but not great.
So, what was my problem?  I just didn’t find it to be particularly funny even though the movie went out of its way to throw humor at you with one liners, insults and sight-gags.  The humor seemed / was strangely “forced” to me.  The story just didn’t feel original.  I felt like I was watching “Tron Legacy” with Kurt Russell substituted for Jeff Bridges.
Now don’t get me wrong.  I “enjoyed” the movie.  It was fun.  It had a great sound-track which was integral to the movie.  It has better than average special effects and lots of action scenes.  It doesn’t have a lot of skin in lieu of sex or foul language to make it “seem” like (sound like) an adult movie.  Final recommendation: moderate to strong.  If you are not into comics and you’re just looking for summer entertainment, it’s probably strong to must-see.  For me: it suffered from “Sequel Syndrome”.  It just didn’t quite live up to my hopes based on the original.
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