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The start of day forty-three…  And I only made it to noon.
Morning weight:  319lbs.  No change…
I am still down “54/61”.  As in, 54lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 61lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started Juice Fast I): 380lbs.  Today’s weight is no change from yesterday when I gained 4lbs from my cheat evening (the night before).
Considering yesterday was the first day I EVER registered over 20 miles in steps (over 45K steps) on my FitBit, I was hoping for some kind of decrease.  But, it was not to be.  In all honesty, while not bloated, I do feel like I’m still retaining fluids from the cheat.  Which is what should happen when you suddenly re-introduce salt and / or sugar into your system.  I did both on Thursday evening.  I guess I just wasn’t able to clear them out enough to register a loss by this morning.
Bottom line:  I’ve decided to end this fast for now.  I’ve fasted for a total of 42 out of the last 43 days on a fast which was meant to be a 7 day fast.  Six weeks!  That’s a continuous fast of 41 days plus one more after my “slip / cheat”.  Eleven days longer than the four other “longest” juice fasts I’ve ever done (all those were “only” 30 days).  So, as Joe Cross would say: “Good on ya, mate!”
Reaction:  I have two main reactions, 1) I feel 10 years younger, and, 2) this evening, after my dinner, as I am writing this, I feel slightly bloated.  I did NOT end according to plan.  The plan was to spend six(6) days easing back into food.  I definitely have NOT done that!  I’ve jumped back in with a big salad for lunch and another big salad for dinner.  For dinner, I also had a sausage, a half cup of rice and a cup of pinto beans.  And I washed it down with 24 ounces of water with lemon slices which had been sitting for 24 hours.  When I say “slightly bloated”, it’s my tummy which is just full enough that I am not hungry, but I’m not stuffed either.
Other notes:  I’ve gone from a 54 inch waist to a 48 inch waist.  I’ve gone from barely being able to touch my two middle fingers behind my back to being able to grab either opposite wrist with the other hand (again, behind the back).  I am comfortable doing 5 to 7 laps (5×25 yards) in the local swimming pool in a nice slow breast stroke with minimal stopping time between turn-arounds.  At the start, I could barely do one lap.
So, what’s next?  Well, this week we are planning to join Costco.  While it is a little farther away and less convenient than Safeway, we believe we’ll be able to get a healthier selection of fruits and veggies at a more reasonable cost (even though we will have to buy substantially more at one time).
That’s takes care of the “sourcing”.  But, what’s the plan, you say?
We are currently planning on a modified Dr. Fuhrman, “Eat To Live” two-week plan.  Week One is hard diet (no meat) and week two is the softer (slower weight-loss) diet (meat is included).  We are flipping the weeks to start: soft and then hard; and then we plan to re-cycle through.  My wife will have whatever she wants since she is not strictly joining me on the diet.  She says she will try to stay with me, but no promises.  I said that’s fine.  Every dinner will be a large fresh salad, a half cup of rice and a cup of beans.  We may also have an optional cooked vegetable depending on her mood.  We may also have optional flesh: meat, poultry or fish.  I can only have 4oz of flesh at any meal.  In lieu of “flesh”, if she is making something else for her meal (usually a pasta and chicken dish), I can have a half cup of that.
Lunch will be a medium salad, a half cup of rice, and a cup of beans.  There may also be “something” for a change.  We are not sure what those somethings will be, but we are leaning towards veggie-patties or maybe a bean / beef / oats burger.  Again, the bulk of any meal should come from the salad and the beans.  I like pinto beans (because that’s what I was raised on), but we will alternate / rotate with black-eyed beans and kidney beans.  We will try to keep the salad different by using the various dressing recipes Dr. Fuhrman provides in his book.
Breakfast will primarily be oatmeal made with water or almond milk.  I will add fruit (dates, blueberries, black berries, strawberries and raisins) and nuts (walnuts and / or almonds) instead of sugar.  I will alternate that with the occasional fruit bowl (melon / mango / strawberries / other berries).
Snacks:  My go to snacks will be fresh fruits (apples and bananas or whatever is seasonal), nuts (walnuts, almonds or cashews), or raw veggies (mainly celery and carrots).
Fluids:  I will also use fruit and veggie juices for snacks.  I will try to drink at least 32oz of water (with a little lemon concentrate) – for my kidney stones, cranberry and pomegranate (again for my kidneys), and black cherry juice (for my arthritis).  I will occasionally also make veggie juices for between meals and for evenings.
Finally, cheats:  I am not “planning” a cheat schedule (yet), but I understand human frailty – particularly my own – so I fully expect a “small” cheat once a week or so and a “large” cheat once a month or so.  I expect this will work out over time and will depend on how much I’m losing and how eliminating salt and sugar from my diet progresses.  I do not feel I can / should completely eliminate salt, because I will still need iodine and electrolytes, but I am going to try really hard to minimize the sugars.  We’ll see…  Day by day.
Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  Namaste!
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The end of day three and the start of day four…  Goal in sight!
Get up.  Walk the dog.  Drink breakfast.  Run to throne.  Piddle about the house.  Run to throne.  About house.  Run…  (Sensing a pattern?)  Just before 1pm my stomach settles and I go to the pool for a swim.  The timer clock at the pool malfunctions and instead of an hour treading water and then a few laps, I spend the whole 75 minutes treading water and then come home.  Start in on my second bottle of veggie juice.
Hil went to the store to restock my veggies as I’m going to have to make a new batch of veggie juices soon (tomorrow).  And, yes, I know I’m “supposed” to make it just before I drink it, but frankly, I’m just TOO lazy.  It’s just easier for me to make two or three days worth and then pull them out 2 or 3 a day as needed.  My view is the less time I’m standing in front of an open fridge, the better.  As Oscar Wilde said: “I can resist everything except temptation.”  After I make up the veggie juice, I’ll probably boil up some water for ginger / mint tea.  I make up about 1/2 gallon and it is very refreshing (after chilling) in the heat of the day.
No headaches today.  My energy level seems okay – even – but, short term.  Good at starting something; not so good at finishing it.  I’m hoping it’s just more of my normal state of attention deficit disorder.  I’ll know more in two days…
It’s now past 7:30pm here.  That means I’m more than half way through the conscious part of day 4.  (LOL)  I’m currently enjoying a V8 and apple cider mix.  I don’t usually drink V8 – the regular V8, that is.  I like the taste, but it has way too much salt.  Having said that, it is drinkable.  I’ve had the low-sodium version of V8 and it is TERRIBLE tasting.  I consider it undrinkable.  Just my opinion.  But this particular blend is delicious.  Of course, it could just be my veggie enhanced taste-buds talking to my brain.  I’m only drinking the V8 because my wife got it by accident.  She misread my shopping list on which I asked for “V8-Healthy Greens”.  This is a rather bland tasting mixture which is almost bad enough to make you think it must be healthy.  As near as I can tell, it almost tastes good and only has 60 calories per serving, so you get away with about 300-400 calories for a meal (46oz bottle).
With a fresh stoke-up of veggies in the chiller, I may decide to push on past the 7 days and go for a full 10.  I’ll play it by ear and see how my energy levels are.  Generally, I know it’s time to come off the fast when I get “hungry in my bones”.  It’s hard to describe the exact feeling.  For me, there’s:
1)  I notice a clock: “It’s lunch (meal) time” in my eyes,
2)  “Humm, I could just go a biccie (that’s cookie to non-Brits) or a few crisps (that’s potato chips)” (usually in response to a smell or a TV commercial),
3)  “My tummy’s growling” in my ears and stomach (obviously),
4)  “My stomach thinks my throat’s been cut” – I’m starting to get desperate,
5)  I start to get a headache or my hands and knees start shaking – quick sugar rush time, and then,
6)  I’m hungry in my bones…  “Eat something NOW!”
The last one is the warning sign that my body is going to severely over run my common sense / rational judgement at my next opportunity to eat.  I think this is where the expression “hungry like a wolf” comes from.  And, yes, I have ended fasts on pizzas, fried chicken and other similar less than “healthy” foods in the past.  More often than not, I have broken fasts slowly with an apple, a small salad or a cup of yogurt or some such boring item.  So, no, I’m not always a complete idiot about this.  (LOL)
Right now, it looks like the schedule is for ending Friday noon (7 full days) or Monday noon (6 Aug) which would be 10 full days.  After that, I’ll probably go to the (Dr. Smith) “Fat Smash” diet or combo it with Dr. Fuhrman “Eat To Live” diet for a couple more (at least 6) weeks.  Either will give me a chance to modify my “lifestyle” eating habits to something better for the longer term as I continue to lose weight.  And, (drum roll please) this morning’s weight: 368lbs.  That’s down 1lbs from yesterday and 12lbs from 20 July.
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The role of the USDA was originally to promote the products of the animal agriculture industry.  Over fifty years ago, the USDA began promoting the so-called four basic food groups, with meat and dairy products in the number one and two spots on the list.  Financed by the meat and dairy industry and backed by nutritional scientists on the payroll of the meat and dairy industry, this promotion ignored science.
Our government spends over $20 Billion on price supports that benefit the dairy, beef, and veal industries.  This money is given to farmers to artificially reduce the cost of crops used to feed cows, thereby helping to reduce the prices we pay for dairy foods, fowl, and meat.  Fruits and vegetables grown primarily for human consumption are specifically excluded from USDA price supports.  [Emphasis is mine.  —  KMAB]
Out of one pocket, we pay billions of our tax dollars to support the production of expensive, disease-causing foods.  Out of the other pocket, we pay medical bills that are too high because our overweight population consumes too much of these rich, disease-causing foods.  Our tax dollars are actually used to make our society sicker and keep our health insurance costs high.
  —  Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
From his book: “Eat To Live
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This week was kind of a potpourri of mostly great entertainment:  I started off the week with an episode of Downton Abbey – exceptional British drama on PBS.  It’s the second season and the future heir is off to the trenches of France.  If you haven’t seen season one (and now, season two), you don’t know what you’re missing…

I finally got around to watching my DVD copy of “Green Lantern“.   I saw the movie in the theater back in June and my review (“In Brightest Day…“) was positive.  I’m a bit undecided on if the DVD translates to the smaller screen as well as some other grand-scale movies, but I think it’s pretty favorable.  I’m not sure why, but the movie seemed longer than I remembered it being in the theater – but it had also had a lot more action than I remember.  I’m not sure about Ryan Reynolds (the lead).  Some times he seemed to fit the character perfectly, and others, nope – don’t buy it at all.  The female love interest is played by Blake Lively, who seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place at all until I looked her up.  She was in the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” movie, which I have seen but don’t recall.  I just remember her being a soccer player or something.  Anyway, now she reminds me of a young Jennifer Connally – meaning the camera loves her.  Hopefully, she can get some serious roles and we’ll find out if she has real chops or not.  I’m not sure if we’ll ever say that about Reynolds.  He’s in his mid-30’s now, so if he doesn’t start playing some serious roles soon, I’m not sure he ever will.  All in all, I still give the movie a favorable review and will watch it again soon. 

One other comment on Reynolds.  I saw him opposite Sandra Bullock in “The Proposal“, and I thought he did very well in that role too.  Unfortunately, I’d say that role was more comedic than serious.  Not that a comic-book hero is comedic or serious, but you know what I mean…

On Wednesday I went for my first walk/slow jog in ages at the gym at work.  It felt so good I came home and watched “The Jericho Mile” again (see my review).  Still a great little made for TV movie.  Still inspirational.  Kudos to Michael Mann and Peter Strauss!!

Friday night I watched the two-hour ending of the TV series “Chuck“.  I remember watching this series when it first started five years ago.  It was the funniest (Nerd Herd), best written, sexiest (Sarah Walker), spy-spoof (Jeffster saves the General), crime-fighting series I’d seen in ages.  The finale crystalized in my mind the fallacy that nerds are socially inept loners.  In fact, nerds do herd!  And in herding, nerds gather strength.  (They also become even more nerdier…)  In the end, it took the whole team – including the Jeffster – to defeat evil and save the world as we know it (or want it to be) – a happy ending for the nerds.

Full disclosure time: way back in the second season, when it looked like the show was going to be cancelled, I was one of the fans who went to Subway (well, actually three Subways), bought a sandwich and asked the store manager to let the company know I liked their support of “Chuck” and hoped they’d keep the show on the air.  Two had no idea what I was talking about.  They didn’t even know Subway had product placement in the series!!  The third said he’d already had several people stop in and ask for him to support “Chuck” with a message to the head company. 

Power to the nerds!!!

Last night, I also watched a documentary on diet and health titled: “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead“.  It’s an excellent movie about how we are killing ourselves with the food we eat.  Dr. Joel Fuhrman, of “Eat To Live” fame, plays a prominent role in the movie explaining how we’re killing ourselves and how we can make a recovery.  The “interesting” thing to me is that his book says you need to eat the fruit and vegetables to get their goodness, but the movie says you can do it by simply juicing them.  My “gut-feeling” is (pun intended) that the book is correct and the movie less so, but still reasonably healthy.  To make a long story shorter, today I went out and bought a juicer.  Now the next step is …

Off to the store to get my fruit and veggies.

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Superior health and optimal weight are no longer a matter of chance, but a matter of choice.  Try not to focus too much on the weight; focus on what you are doing.  The weight will drop naturally as a result of eating intelligently, exercising, and adopting a healthy lifestyle.  Neither you nor I am totally in control of it.  Your body will set the pace and gravitate toward the ideal weight for you when you eat healthfully.  Don’t worry if a few days go by without your losing weight; your body will lose at the rate it chooses is best.  Weight yourself as much or as little as you like, but most people find once weekly is sufficient to keep track of their results.

Most people lose weight and then stop losing when they have reached their ideal weight.  You are not the judge of your ideal weight; your body is.

 –  Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
from his book: “Eat To Live

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The life plan is a nutritarian diet.  I coined the term nutritarian to describe someone who strives for more micronutrients per calorie in their diet style.  A nutritarian understands that food has powerful disease-protecting and therapeutic effects and seeks to consume a broad array of micronutrients via their food choices.

—  Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
from his book: “Eat To Live


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Well, I made it five days on my New Year’s resolution: to walk at least 30 minutes a day for the year.

Yesterday, I was off work to see a kidney specialist about the pain in my right side.  He said the ultrasound was inconclusive and he ordered up a CAT scan for me.  I asked if they might be able to see me today (since I’m already off work) and the office lady said she’ll ask the imaging folks to try to schedule me.  I waited at home until 3pm, but there was no call, so I changed to get ready for my walk. 

The phone rang.  It was the imaging folks and they could see me if I could be there in 15 minutes.  I got there and they did their thing.  On the walk to the car, though, the pain and tightness was so severe I could hardly breathe so I decided to take the day off.  (Actually, I was tempted to drive to the ER.)  I got home and poured down a couple of large glasses of lemonade.  The kidney doctor said this would provide some relief for the kidney stones I’ve also been passing.  He said any citrus juice or fruit would work, but lemonade works best.  He cautioned that it is the hardest on the stomach.

Anyway, back to day One (six of seven) – starting over.  Felt very good today.  Not well, but not in severe pain.  I decided to just do a slow jog instead of a walk.  I made it around the school yard for 40 minutes.  Based on the walk/run on the treadmill I did during the week (Thursday at the gym at work), I’m estimating this at 2 miles.  It started off okay, got bad (right rib chest pain) and then got easier.  I’m starting to think it (the rib pain) is from torn cartilage in my back when I injured myself lifting back in May.  The muscle pull got better, but the connective tissue must still be inflamed.  At least that’s what I’m hoping.  I should get the results of the CAT scan Wed/Thurs of next week.  Until then it’s back on the wagon — but I’ll continue to take it easy and only do the slow walks/jogs…

One more note on jogging: even though it hurt a bit (well, more than a bit), it was glorious!!  The sun on my skin.  The breeze blowing.  The smell of grass.  The feel of my muscles moving (even with the pain in my ribs).  I love it!   Why else would a 56 year old, 330 pound man with bad ribs be out there pounding pavement?  Who cares if I’m slow as a snail, it hurts, and it hurts more afterwards?  I do love it!

Niner Update:
I watched a lot of football today.  The wildcard playoffs began.  The Texans beat the Bengals and the Saints beat the Lions.  I didn’t really expect the Lions to win, but I hoped they’d beat up on the Saints pretty good so they’ll be easier for us next week when we face them (the Saints).  I don’t think the Lions came through for us.  The Saints just overpowered the Lions.  Our best hope is to commit to a full four-man pass rush and hope our linebackers can stop the run better than the Lions did (actually didn’t).  If we can get pressure with three (or more likely four), then it comes down to our defensive backs stopping their receivers long enough for the rush to get there.  The lions got two early fumbles (no points) and dropped three interceptions while the game was still up for grabs.  If we’re not more productive, we’ll get blown out too.  But, to be honest, the Saints looked very beatable to me, despite the score.  And that’s why they play the game…

I just finished my January ’12 issue of Wired Magazine and it had a couple of really great articles.   One was about Weight Watchers and the other about changes in science.  The Weight Watchers article is titled: “Weight Watchers Revamps Its Magic Formula” and is written by Jeffrey M. O’Brien.  Basically, it’s a story about how the company has redone its program to match up (fairly closely) with Dr. Fuhrman’s “Eat To Live” diet.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are basically free; fruit juice is more expensive (more points); and flesh (meat, fish and fowl) cost more (points) too.  I find it interesting that Weight Watchers is now going to make money off of providing emotional support for eating healthy food.  Ironic, but tremendously positive for thousands of people!!

The second article is titled: “Trials and Errors: Why Science Is Failing Us” and written by Jonah Lehrer.  This is an article about causation in the study of science – in the article’s case, mostly biology.  The writer starts off a bit rough (for my non-scientific tastes), but blossoms into to beautiful prose about the difference between correlation and causation and the cautionary aspects of human nature in not being able to recognize the difference – the scientific difference. 

Both are terrific articles and I highly recommend both!!

I’ve been subscribing to Wired since coming back to America in August 2000, and it’s very rarely failed to have several things (product reviews, social – geek – commentary, and general articles) in EVERY issue which were not themselves worth the price of the issue.  I highly recommend the subscription too…


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