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The end of day three and the start of day four…  Goal in sight!
Get up.  Walk the dog.  Drink breakfast.  Run to throne.  Piddle about the house.  Run to throne.  About house.  Run…  (Sensing a pattern?)  Just before 1pm my stomach settles and I go to the pool for a swim.  The timer clock at the pool malfunctions and instead of an hour treading water and then a few laps, I spend the whole 75 minutes treading water and then come home.  Start in on my second bottle of veggie juice.
Hil went to the store to restock my veggies as I’m going to have to make a new batch of veggie juices soon (tomorrow).  And, yes, I know I’m “supposed” to make it just before I drink it, but frankly, I’m just TOO lazy.  It’s just easier for me to make two or three days worth and then pull them out 2 or 3 a day as needed.  My view is the less time I’m standing in front of an open fridge, the better.  As Oscar Wilde said:  “I can resist everything except temptation.”  After I make up the veggie juice, I’ll probably boil up some water for ginger / mint tea.  I make up about 1/2 gallon and it is very refreshing (after chilling) in the heat of the day.
No headaches today.  My energy level seems okay – even – but, short term.  Good at starting something;  not so good at finishing it.  I’m hoping it’s just more of my normal state of attention deficit disorder.  I’ll know more in two days…
It’s now past 7:30pm here.  That means I’m more than half way through the conscious part of day 4.  (LOL)  I’m currently enjoying a V8 and apple cider mix.  I don’t usually drink V8 – the regular V8, that is.  I like the taste, but it has way too much salt.  Having said that, it is drinkable.  I’ve had the low-sodium version of V8 and it is TERRIBLE tasting.  I consider it undrinkable.  Just my opinion.  But this particular blend is delicious.  Of course, it could just be my veggie enhanced taste-buds talking to my brain.  I’m only drinking the V8 because my wife got it by accident.  She misread my shopping list on which I asked for “V8-Healthy Greens”.  This is a rather bland tasting mixture which is almost bad enough to make you think it must be healthy.  As near as I can tell, it almost tastes good and only has 60 calories per serving, so you get away with about 300-400 calories for a meal (46oz bottle).
With a fresh stoke-up of veggies in the chiller, I may decide to push on past the 7 days and go for a full 10.  I’ll play it by ear and see how my energy levels are.  Generally, I know it’s time to come off the fast when I get “hungry in my bones”.  It’s hard to describe the exact feeling.  For me, there’s:
1)  I notice a clock:  “It’s lunch (meal) time” in my eyes,
2)  “Humm, I could just go a biccie (that’s cookie to non-Brits) or a few crisps (that’s potato chips)” (usually in response to a smell or a TV commercial),
3)  “My tummy’s growling” in my ears and stomach (obviously),
4)  “My stomach thinks my throat’s been cut” – I’m starting to get desperate,
5)  I start to get a headache or my hands and knees start shaking – quick sugar rush time, and then,
6)  I’m hungry in my bones…  “Eat something NOW!”
The last one is the warning sign that my body is going to severely over run my common sense / rational judgement at my next opportunity to eat.  I think this is where the expression “hungry like a wolf” comes from.  And, yes, I have ended fasts on pizzas, fried chicken and other similar less than “healthy” foods in the past.  More often than not, I have broken fasts slowly with an apple, a small salad or a cup of yogurt or some such boring item.  So, no, I’m not always a complete idiot about this.  (LOL)
Right now, it looks like the schedule is for ending Friday noon (7 full days) or Monday noon (6 Aug) which would be 10 full days.  After that, I’ll probably go to the (Dr. Smith) “Fat Smash” diet or combo it with Dr. Fuhrman “Eat To Live” diet for a couple more (at least 6) weeks.  Either will give me a chance to modify my “lifestyle” eating habits to something better for the longer term as I continue to lose weight.  And, (drum roll please) this morning’s weight:  368lbs.  That’s down 1lbs from yesterday and 12lbs from 20 July.
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