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Image of a fallen tree branch

And when the bough breaks…

As I was out walking my dog today, I heard what sounded like someone stomping on a 2-liter plastic bottle and then dragging it underfoot.  I looked up and didn’t see anything.  I thought it might be a bottle being tossed down the street by the winds.  As I got a little farther along, I noticed some folks standing outside their homes looking across the street.  The wind had caused a tree branch to snap and fall across the road.  I went back a little later (after retrieving my phone) and took this picture.  The workmen had already cleared the opposite side of the road.  The branches originally fully crossed the street.
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I walk our family dog “Shiva” most every day.  She loves sniffing fences, grass, trees and posts of various types (including fire hydrants).  Most times she takes a “little” longer than I would like her to and I give her a slight tug on the leash or say her name to get her to move along to the next smell.  I think from now on I may give her a count of 10 instead of a count of seven.  After all, I should allow time for the comments as well as for the blog post.
Dog Blogging

Dog Blogging

[The above image is from the comic strip “9 Chickweed Lane“, which I read most every day at the following site:  http://www.gocomics.com/9chickweedlane
The actual post date was 19 February 2017.  I’m not sure how to create a link to the specific posting.
I do NOT own the rights to the image, I have not asked permission to repeat it, and am I NOT hoping to make any profit from showing it.  It is merely being used because it made me laugh out loud.
If you find the comic amusing, please visit the creator’s (Brooke McEldowney) post at gocomics.com and give it a “like”.   Oh, and click on the image to see a larger version / more readable     —    KMAB]
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