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The end of day thirty-seven and the start of day thirty-eight…
Morning weight:  324lbs.
I am now down “49/56”.  As in, 49lbs down from my fasting start weight:  373lbs, and 56lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast):  380lbs.  Today’s weight is a 13lbs increase, up from 311lbs yesterday.  And, the explanation follows…
I mentioned last week that on the day of my colonoscopy my weight was 330lbs at the hospital where I got the procedure.  I also stated my weight was 309lbs at the doctor’s office earlier in the same week.  Well, it turns out when I jumped on my scale this morning it said I’d gained 5lbs (316lbs) since yesterday (311lbs).  Given that I didn’t go for my swim, had only in the low 22K for steps and drank some “low-sodium” broth and then a 32oz bottle of ice water before going to sleep, I expected it to be a plateau or slight gain.  I did not expect a 5lbs gain…
I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to move my scales for a “reset”.  Instead of having them on a sports mat, I have put the scales back on a concrete surface in a corner of the mats.  I made sure to keep the lip of the scale from the edges of the mats.  I then weighed myself in the various positions (toes off the edges, toes at “8” and “4”, toes at “0”).  I did the positions both individually (by stepping off the scale in between) and together (transitioning from one to the next without stepping off).  What I found was toes off the edges:  340lbs.  Toes at “8” and “4”:  335lbs.  Toes at “0”:  324lbs.  I am assuming I haven’t gained any weight since the colonoscopy, and will, therefore, use the 324lbs going forward.  I will also leave the scale off the mats for the duration and continue to use the “0” toes position for the duration.
This is a “terrible” psychological setback.  Even though I KNOW I haven’t gained 13lbs, it “hurts” just looking at the scale.  LOL  (Aren’t I turning into a back-of-hand on forehead drama queen?)  The practical effect of this is there is (in my head) far less incentive to go another week, let alone two weeks to try to reach 50 days.  At 311lbs, two weeks would almost certainly have been enough time to get below 300lbs.  It is almost impossible to get to 300lbs from 324lbs in that amount of time.  And this is the problem of setting goals beyond “one more day, just one more day”.
A Blend Day:  Hil bought a bunch of bananas and then wasn’t able to eat them all, so three started to go black.  She didn’t want to waste them so she tossed them in a blender with some pinto beans and made me a “protein” smoothie.  Bananas don’t juice well because they have a low fluid to fiber ratio, so “blending” is the best you can really do with them.  Bananas are not considered a “juicy-fruit”.  This is why they are not recommended for folks breaking a strict juice (or water) fast.  They sit like a weight in your stomach and don’t “pass-through” easily.  The taste and texture wasn’t much to speak of, so I added some apple and green “V8” juices to the mix.  It slightly improved the taste, but it definitely made it drinkable (instead of frozen yogurt-like spoon-able).
Wrapping this up:  I have to make my veggie juice and my ginger / mint tea.  I’m then off to the pool for my swim.  And it’s back to “day by day”.
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