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The end of day eight and the start of day nine…
My morning weight:  361lbs.  This means I am now only one pound shy of twice the maximum allowed weight (181lbs) for someone my height in the U.S. military (Army).  LOL  I blew through that weight when I was 23 years old and haven’t been within 30lbs of it since I was 29 years old.  My how time has flown…
I’m not sure what’s up.  Today I just didn’t get hungry.  I got up and walked the dog a bit late (after 9am).  It was already hot.   I got home and had a glass of OJ and then about 1pm I had a bottle of veggie juice mixed 50-50 with fruit juice.  I wasn’t hungry or weak.  I just felt like “I know I need to drink something before I start to crash.”  So, I drank my bottle of mix, but I never did get hungry, weak or have the “expected” energy crash.  I did however, fall asleep for 15-20 minutes about 3:30pm.
The saying in losing weight is:  “Eat less, move more.”  I am chewing less.  I’m not sure I’m in-taking that much less in terms of calories.  I am moving more, but not a lot more.  Being retired, I’ve started going to our local swimming pool.  I actually started going way back in early June when my cardiologist said I need to “man-up” and start going to the pool.  Bottom line: I’ve jogged 1 time (2 miles) since starting the juice fast and I’ve been to the pool 6 times for at least an hour each.  I don’t swim for that long.  I just tread water for 60 minutes.  I then “may” do 1 to 10 laps of the pool – breast stroke, side stroke and kick-boarding.  And, of course, I walk my dog each day 30 to 60 minutes – almost always closer to 30 than 60.  I am also doing some walking around the house or in-place to get my FitBit up over 10K for each day.
Without feeling hungry or fed up, I didn’t see any particular reason to break the eating / chewing fast with a meal at noon, so I just decided to push through the rest of the day.  Overall, I’m feeling terrific.  I’m still suffering from the pain in my groin from the cyst, but I’m going to get that checked out this week at the urologist.  So, that is just wait and see…  Other than that, I guess my next short-term goal, (other than day to day,) is 10 days, which takes me through mid-day Monday, 6 August.
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