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The end of day four and the start of day five…  Over the Hump for the first week of blend fasting.
Morning weight:  365lbs.  (on Day 5)
I am down / down “2/8”.  As in, 2lbs down from yesterday and 8lbs down from my fasting start weight:  373lbs (morning of Day 1).
Yesterday was a much easier day than expected.  And, yes, I am pleasantly surprised.  As mentioned (in yesterday’s post), I was expecting a difficult day because we were going to my sister’s house for a Labor Day BBQ.  We did and it smelled delicious (and everyone said it was).  Despite the obvious temptation, I was able to tough it out.  It really only takes me about 10 minutes to settle in.  My sister has fasted and her husband has lived with her while fasting, so once I “announced” I was fasting, they were very polite in not “pushing” the food at me.  It was difficult looking at the veggies, dip, BBQ (and desserts), and mainly smelling the BBQ, but I just walked away from the counter with my bottle of juice and settled in front of the TV while everyone ate.  After everyone else ate, I felt less tired than Day 3 – physically and sleep wise, but I still managed a short (20-30 minute) nap on the couch while the ladies went shopping and Art (my brother-in-law) walked their dogs.  They left and let the TV watch me for a while.
Prior to departure, I added pink grapefruit juice and watermelon juice to my veggie-blend (“swamp-juice”) to make it a little more acidic and to have a few more calories.  I find the acidity reduces hunger and the calories keep me from getting the low blood-glucose hunger pangs / shakes.  I brought along my 1 gallon (128fl.oz.) bottle of blend for the trip and I got through most of it.  We stayed almost five hours.  The key, of course, is to drink a bunch at first, so you are both full and can “go” early and often (i.e. don’t have to “go” too badly when you’re on the road driving home).  Anyway, I had the timing almost perfect – at least there were no problems on the road in either direction.
As expected after yesterday’s rebound, I shed most of the water weight I picked up (2lbs) after my initial big loss.  Between days two, three, and four, I lost 6lbs and then regained 2lbs.  A loss of 6lbs overnight is not only unhealthy, it is almost certainly an indication of excessive water loss (with or without stomach content).  Gaining some of it (the 2lbs) back should be no big deal as long as the overall trend of several days is downwards (negative / actual weight loss).  While this is completely subjective, the question is:  “How do you feel?”  Both at the start of the day and throughout…  If you feel thinner, it’s okay.  If you don’t, is it because you feel heavier or “just” bloated.  This is not always easy for someone to judge.  It takes experience because feeling bloated can also make you (me anyway) feel heavier.  The key is that it doesn’t always do so and you have to learn to feel the difference.  Again, down to experience…
While at my sister’s, she asked me:  “How long this time?”  My response:  “The plan is at least a week and then back to a ‘real’ intermittent fasting schedule.  But, I’m flexible and I’ll see how I feel.”
For my new(er) followers, last year I fasted for 41 solid days and didn’t quite finish the 42nd day.
My sister has been experimenting with Alternate Day and Intermittent Time Fasting since early April when I talked with her about it over our multi-birthday family BBQ.  She’s lost just over ten pounds and says it’s been really interesting and relatively easy.  The hard parts were playing with both types and figuring out what actually fit with her lifestyle and daily schedule.  She figured out the strict alternate daily fasting didn’t work at all.  The modified (5 / 2 method) was better, but still too difficult.  She then tried Intermittent Time, and it “clicked for me”  (her words).  Now she uses a window each day, which slides depending on her daily schedule and hunger.  She tends to stick to 10am to 6pm, but says if she’s not hungry, she simply pushes the window back  (11am to 7pm), or sometimes even leaves it at 6pm.
My sister was a pretty strict vegetarian, but says she now has chicken and / or fish several times a month.  She still doesn’t eat beef or pork.  She is letting her body tell her what it needs.  She is visibly thinner and (to me) looks younger and happier (more contented) than when I last saw her (even a few weeks ago).  Of course, there is no reason to believe all of this is down to her changed diet – I’m just sayin’.  Oh, yeah.  And she still enjoys her wine!  She believes she’s reached a point where her body is naturally telling her to eat better food choices and she’s enjoying that feeling.  This was her “click”.
Other thoughts:
Last week I got word they were closing our neighborhood pool on the weekdays through the end of September.  It would remain open on the weekends, but with reduced hours.  There was a stink amongst the homeowners association and the Board has decided to keep the pool open on weekdays, but with limited (no) lifeguards / staffing.  Yea!   I have really been enjoying my use of the pool and try to go when there are few families / children so I have a clear path (lane) for swimming laps.  So, I’m very happy about the Board’s decision!
So, I am mid-way through day five and finishing one week is starting to look like a piece of cake…  (Yes, a bad dieting / fasting simile.)
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The end of day four and the start of day five…  Today was a strange one…  6:00am.  Get up.  Walk the dog.  1 mile;  25 minutes.  Piece of cake.  And from there the battle was on.
The two things about juice fasting are:  you have to have easy access to juice and you have to have easy access to toilet facilities.  If you don’t have the first, you’ll probably cheat and fall off the wagon.  If you don’t have the latter,  you can embarrass yourself.  Access to veggie juice has been easy so far because I made up enough for 3+ days.  Access to facilities is mostly managed by just staying home and going when nature calls.
Today I had two doctor appointments:  one at 8am and one at 1:45pm.  This meant getting up earlier than usual to walk the dog and then going without a breakfast juice until after the first appointment.  The problem, of course, is the doctor’s office is 20 minutes away by car and I don’t want to risk getting stuck in traffic listening to nature’s call.  Bottom line:  a cheat.  I have a couple of Ricola cough drops for the road.  And use them.  As mentioned yesterday, if my blood sugar level dips too much, I have problems – headaches and shaking.  I also lose the ability to concentrate on normal activities – like driving.  So, I take one while waiting in the office and then a second when I get in the car to drive home.  I try to convince myself a) it’s not “really” eating;  and, 2)  they are sort of healthy.  I do this because I want to believe I’m being strict on this fast.  Okay, I’m not (convincing).  I get home and look them up.  First ingredient:  SUGAR.  Second ingredient:  Glucose syrup (aka:  sugar).  Calories:  15 per cough drop.  Still, no point in beating one’s self up too much…  I made it home and had a 24oz bottle of blend (4 heaping tablespoons of roughage mixed with fruit juice).  An hour or so of peace, and then off to the loo (repeatedly).
I made it home from the second appointment and was in between extreme fatigue and getting ready to shake.  So, I treated myself to a large glass (16oz) of Naked Juice Mighty Mango smoothie.  This is “supposed” to be “healthy”, but nothing that tastes this good can be “healthy”.  The juice is 150 calories per 8oz serving (that’s 300 calories I drank) and has the equivalent of a can of soda pop in sugar.  The only significant difference is the sugar is fructose and not HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup).  My initial reaction was perfectly normal for a sugar rush:  crash in chair in front of the TV.  And, after a 45 minute (sugar-powered) power nap, I am good to go for the rest of the evening.  Did I mention that Naked is owned by Pepsi?  Yeah, that kind of healthy…
Still, we are all human and I’m making up for it by having my veggie juice for dinner.  Note to self:  just stay home while juice / blend fasting.  Answer to self:  yeah, but sometimes life gets in the way…
And that was sooooo yummy I’m finishing the evening by drinking 30oz of ice water with 2oz of lemon concentrate.  My urologist told me years ago to drink lots of water and add a little lemon as the citric acid is supposed to help break up “some types” of kidney stones.  When I was in Saudi, my Indian co-workers insisted on pomegranate juice for curing kidney stones.  And, most lately, my co-workers at SSA (before I retired) used to tell me to drink cranberry juice (mostly those from the east coast).  So, I do a bit of all three, but mainly water with lemon, as it is the least expensive and requires the fewest trips to the store to replenish.  And, yes, my stones are still playing up.
And the news you’ve all been waiting for:  morning weigh-in 365lbs!  Somehow, I managed to drop 3lbs over a single day.  Actually, I’m cheating again…  I said I dropped only one yesterday, but it was slightly more and I was giving it a conservative rounding up.  This morning the arrow is clearly below the line, but I’m rounding up again – so it’s “really” only 2lbs to 3lbs instead of 3 to 4.  I don’t mind the inaccuracy because I’m using an analog scale and not a digital one.  Which means:  380 – 365 = 15lbs after four days of not chewing.   Minus “assumption” weight (10lbs), and I’ve lost 5 real pounds with three days to go.
It’s evening now and I’m half way through day 5, so I’ll project to finish the week between 8 and 10 real pounds down and then comes the hard part of breaking the fast with a lifestyle change which includes diet AND fitness.  The swimming (three times a week) is fun, but I’m going to have to breakdown and start a daily program of lifting weights, jogging and yoga.  Well, here’s to “eat less and move more”…  Four down, three to go!
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