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The end of day thirty and the start of day thirty-one…
Morning weight:  318lbs.
I am now down “55/62”.  As in, 55lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 62lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s loss is a 2lbs loss, down from 320lbs yesterday.  The scale reading was “bouncing” again, so I’m taking the high / conservative reading of 318lbs.
I am alternating between feeling euphoric and feeling exhausted.  After I drink some fruit juice or while I’m moderately active, I feel terrific.  If I pause or if I get too active, I crash quite suddenly and start to get sugar (lack of) headaches.  I feel as if I am walking a fine line.  The obvious solution is to simply drink more juice, but there are limits to that approach as well.  Aside from the frequent trips to the head, there is the issue of saline and other body minerals which get drained from the body when you pass too much fluid without re-inputting the minerals.  Since the only minerals I’m getting are (really) from the veggie juice and the multi-day vitamins I take, I have to try to balance the fluids as well.  Plus the more “normal” fruit juices I drink, the more sugar in the form of fructose.  This may be then affecting my insulin levels, which are in turn causing even worse energy crashes.  This whole fasting thing is, to me at least, a personal experiment in biology and biochemistry.  It is NOT a scientific experiment.  I do not have a control.  I do not have theory I am testing.  I don’t even have a means of accurately measuring any results I get.  Yes, I am losing weight.  But, and it’s a big “but”, I don’t know for certain if it’s “good” weight or bad weight.  That is, if it is fat, mostly fat, some muscle, some bone, some internal organ cells, or what.  The only thing I can tell is weight loss from the scale and “generally” how I feel.
Tomorrow I am going for a full blood workup in advance of my follow-up meeting with my primary care physician later in September.  I should have the results by Wednesday and get an idea how my internals are doing.  Tomorrow, I also have my follow-up with my urologist to find out if I need to go for a lithotripsy.  Basically, they use sound waves to smash up the stones you have in your kidney(s).  If I do need the procedure, it will probably also be sometime in mid-to-late September.  Hopefully, if I get it done, I’ll be good to go for at least a decade.  (My last procedure was in the mid-1990’s.)  And, after another decade (or so), I don’t think I’ll care enough to get it done again.
Now that I’m done with thirty days, I’m in to completely new territory.  I’ve never lost so much weight in any of my previous fasts.  I’ve never gone beyond thirty days.  And so, day by day, the human adventure (experiment) continues…
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