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The end of day seventeen and the start of day eighteen…
Morning weight:  347lbs.
The scale is bouncing between 347 and 345, so I am being conservative (again).  I am now down “26/33”.  As in, 26lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 33lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s loss is a 2lb loss, down from 349lbs yesterday.
I had a rough night for some reason.  We went to bed early – just after 11pm and I woke up at 3am and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I laid in bed until 3:45am, and then just went ahead and got up.  …And stayed up.  The problem then is I was sleepy (and nodding off) for the whole rest of the day.  Because I was tired (sleepy) today, I didn’t make my new batch of veggie juice / blend.  Instead, I made up a batch of ginger / mint / apple juice “tea”.  I’ll make up the juice / blend tomorrow.
Just out of curiosity I tried on some of my “smaller” pants.  For about the last three years up to and including my retirement, I wore size 50inch waist in my pants.  Today, I am able to fit into size 48inch waist.  They would not be super comfortable, but I can button them easily and sit without them pinching / binding too much.  So, more progress!!
My son (James) came over to visit today.  It was his day off.  He stayed for about 4 hours, so we had a chance to have a nice long chat (even though I felt rude yawning all the time).  I really enjoy the visits from the kids.
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