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The end of day fourteen and the start of day fifteen…  Two weeks and counting!
Morning weight:  352lbs.
I went back to my records to see what’s what…  The week prior to starting my fast I weighed in at 380lbs (my personal high / worst).  I bounced up and down for several days between 378 and 380.  Then, two days before the start of the fast (at 380lbs), I started the fasting prep.  I’m not sure “exactly” what I was doing, but on the day the fast started I was actually 273lbs.  So, I’d actually already started losing weight (7lbs).  Since then, with the two weeks of fasting, I’ve dropped down 21lbs, to 352lbs.  I lost stomach content weight and some excess water weight the first few days, but after that it’s been “actual” weight.  I always estimate the starting loss at about 10lbs, so REALLY I’m only down 11lbs for the two weeks of fasting.
How’s it been?  So far, great!  I’m sometimes walking a fine line between veggie juice / fructose and energy crash, but so far I’ve not been seriously tempted by food (or hunger) to break the fast.  Yes, the first three days are always the hardest for me.  But, that is because I both enjoy the taste of food and the eating of it.  I enjoy the sensations of biting, chewing and swallowing.  Now, all I get is the swallowing.  And, it’s definitely not the same!
I seem to be going through phases of wanting to chew and then not.  First it was the smell of Hil (my wife) cooking her meals.  Then it was watching all the commercials on TV.  There is something about the phrases “All you can eat” and “limited time” which makes some commercial breaks seem interminable.  LOL
Really, though…  I’m doing remarkable well.  My heart rate and blood pressure have both dropped.  My hands and feet no longer bloat when I walk or sit too long.  My various fat areas: muffin top, bingo wings, saddle bags, cottage cheese thighs, etc. are all decreasing.  Stomach is flatter.  Clothes are more comfortable.  I’m sleeping better.  So, yes.  All in all, I’m doing well.
Now if I could just get rid of these kidney stones and groin pain, I’d be singin’ in the rain.  LOL  That’s the problem with age…  There’s always something!
Expectations:  I expect to plateau and start having some “0” or only 1lb loss days from here out.  Several days this last week I’ve dropped 2 or 3lbs and, from my experience, that is not a sustainable rate of loss (for me).  But I will be more than happy to go another six days (20 total) and drop 12 to 15lbs of actual weight.  I think that will put me in a perfect position to move over to a lifestyle diet and begin working out.  Then maybe I’ll be able to convert a quick drop in weight into a long term healthier future.
Being realistic, six more days sounds like a long time…  So, I’ll take it day by day and not beat myself up if I don’t make it to 20 days.  After all, my initial goal was 7 days and I’ve already doubled that!
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