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The end of day twelve and the start of day thirteen…
Morning weight:  355lbs.  A couple of days ago I mentioned the scale is bouncing around a bit and giving me questionable readings.  A couple of days ago I put my weight at 358lbs and then yesterday at 356lbs.  Both times the loss was 2lbs overnight.  The scale was actually reading 355lbs and 353lbs respectively.  Today, the low was closer to 350lbs, but I’m now sure I don’t trust the scale, so I’m going with 355lbs.  As with any scale, if you move around or lean one direction or another, you can get a different reading.  I’m trying to read from the same place every time to stay consistent.  In my case, that is with big toes and heals touching with toes directly under the “0” on the scale face.  I also try to balance without leaning forwards or backwards.  My feet are too big to fit entirely on the scale, so all of this is a rough estimate / best guess.   The bottom line is this puts me at 15lbs of real weight loss in only twelve days (and 25lbs total).  Oh, yeah…  I made more veggie-juice today.  It should be enough to get me through the weekend (or very close).
Other developments:  I went to the urologist today.  He said my ultra-sounds are not conclusive and I need a CT scan of my kidneys to see if there are stones.  He said it’s unlikely the cysts are the problem and it’s more likely I simply have a very specific groin muscle tear which I keep aggravating.  I can’t see how that is possible (myself), but I will go get the CT just to make sure.  It has to clear the insurance and then get scheduled, so it may be a few weeks.  If it is just a muscle tear, the “fix” is to do as little as possible.  I don’t see how it can be a muscle tear as I don’t know how it would come and go and sometimes be “background” pain and other times feel like it’s going to kill me (double me up / practically in tears painful).  For me, the big problem was the appointment was 11:45am, so I had to go most of the day without topping up my energy with normal amounts of juice.  I got through it, but I don’t like waiting around.  Not drinking enough regularly causes me confusion, dizziness and makes me feel weak.  This is almost certainly just a lack of sugar in my blood system as an ounce or two of juice and I’m good for another hour or so with symptoms completely gone.
Update on the door:  It is still scrapping, but I was able to fix the “top lock” / dead bolt.  I just took off the face plate and chiseled out a bigger hole.  I then reset the face plate and voila – the door locks normally again.  I have to be careful or I might turn out to be a useful handyman in my retirement…  🙂
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