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I believe in some basic virtues, you know?  Mercy, humility, curiosity, empathy.
     —     Anthony Bourdain
On This Day In:
2017 Too Soon We Part…
Rigorous And Difficult
2016 Where And Why
2015 The Beauty Of Thy Voice
2014 Faith In Men
2013 An Average Verge
2012 Dew Drop Secrets
2011 Champion Freedom

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A good scientist is a person in whom the childlike quality of perennial curiosity lingers on.  Once he gets an answer, he has other questions.
    —    Frederick Seitz
On This Day In:
2017 Just Kidding
2016 The Danger Of Walls
2015 Protection
2014 Let It Go
2013 Don’t Know And Not Telling
2012 A Challenge For Progress
2011 Dependent Difficulty

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