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Let’s just get it out there…  I am a Giants fan; ergo: I HATE the Dodgers!  I MAY have to grant a grudging respect to one or two of their players, but it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Especially if it’s a current player…
There has been little sweeter for this Giants fan than watching the Dodgers lose the last two World Series at home, but this year’s playoff elimination is pretty close…  (Yes, I am a small enough person to gloat about this!)
The Dodgers won 13 more regular season games than the Washington Nationals (their opponents).
The Dodgers had a regular season run differential of +273 compared to +149 for the Nats!
Game 5 (the “deciding” game) was played in Dodger Stadium.
Clayton Kershaw has been one of – if not THE – most dominant pitcher of the last decade.  (Please recall:  I LOVE me some Madison Bumgarner!!)
The Dodgers were leading in game 5 by two(2) runs going into the 8th inning.
And, then, the collapse…  Kershaw surrenders two home runs and the game is tied.  Two innings later (in the 10th), the Nats get a grand-slam and go on to with the game 7-3.  The Dodgers are eliminated from the 2018 playoffs!
Now, Kershaw has always seemed to me to be a decent person: In victory, he shares the credit.  In defeat, he claims ownership and responsibility for the loss.  So, I have one request for the Dodgers:  PLEASE trade Kershaw to some other team so I can root for him to win a World Series before he ends his illustrious career.  I saw his post-game (series) interview and I really want to support him.   But, I can’t!!!   I can’t!!!!  If Kershaw gets enough post-season appearances, eventually he will win a World Series…  Please (Baseball Gods) let it be for anyone but the Dodgers!
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Astros Win 2017 World Series - Dodgers Choke

Astros Win 2017 World Series – Dodgers Choke

Congratulations to the Houston Astros for winning the 2017 World Series (defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers) four games to three!
Last night the Los Angeles Dodgers completed one of the most dominant seasons in Major League Baseball history by choking in the 2017 World Series!!  Although heavily favored to win (mostly picked for victory in 6 games), the Dodgers lost to the regular season’s second most dominant team – the Houston Astros.  This is not to take anything away from the excellent baseball played by the Astros, but when push came to shove, all three of the Dodgers’ strengths (Kershaw, power hitting and a dominant bullpen) fell short.  Of the three, Kershaw was the only one which did not “clearly” choke.  Kershaw finished his three appearances in the Series with 4.02 ERA and 17 strikeouts to five walks (almost 1 walk per 3 strikeouts) across 15 2/3 innings (almost 1 walk per 3 innings) facing the Astros.  These are NOT normal Kershaw numbers.   (His career ERA is 2.36.)  Granted, take away his horrible game 5 loss and he had an okay Series.  In contrast, in game 7, the Dodgers everyday players left ten(10) players stranded on base and many were in scoring position (on second or third base).
So, while the boys in Blue go home (stay home – the loss was in LA) with dreams of what might have been, the men in Orange carry the day with a 5 to 1 game 7 victory!!
Okay, while it’s Orange and Navy Blue, not Orange and Black…  As a Giants fan…   I LOVE IT!!!!
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