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Last Friday, 3 December 2010, was our 26th wedding anniversary!  I took Hil out for dinner and she had on a new evening dress and looked stunning.  In my mind’s eye she looked twenty-nine again and we were newlyweds!  I know (and used to sing) that old country-western song: “The Girls All Look Better Come Closin’ Time“, but just seeing her across the table and holding her hand still makes my heart race.  I hope and pray we have at least another twenty-six years together (and that she still makes my heart race).
This was the first weekend in December.  As with every other first weekend in December for the last twenty-six years, Hilary and I went out and got our Christmas Tree.  Our daughter, Sarah, joined us this time.  This was the first time I can remember it raining on the day we got the tree and it was a bit of a mess bringing it in the house.
Sarah was a big help in getting the tree in the stand.  We got it on the stand and set it upright and then moved it into position in the front room.  Most of the serious rain came off the branches and onto the kitchen floor.  It was really a good thing I had Sarah to help out or it would have been an even bigger mess.  Anyway, it’s up and tomorrow we’ll decorate!!  Hilary and Rebecca went out over Thanksgiving to get our annual Christmas ornament.  We have one (at least one) for each year we’ve been together.  They range from the cute, to the simple, to the nerdy – but they are uniquely us as a collection – and precious.
At Mass today, I was moved by saying the Profession of Faith.  We recite it every Sunday, but I guess thinking about our anniversary, and the kids, and the upcoming shopping trip to get the tree – it seemed extra special as a way of thanking God.  So I decided to add the Nicene Creed as one of the poems on my blog.  I hope you’ll take a moment to read it and consider it – not necessarily for yourself, (I’m not trying to convert anybody) but to wonder about the prayer as a description of faith in the heart of at least one person you know.  I would also hope you take a moment to read some of the background for the Nicene Creed which can be found (among other places) on Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicene_Creed
Finally, I hope you can find in your beliefs (religious or otherwise) the peace I find in my faith.  God bless you!!

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