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Hil and I just enjoyed our 30th Christmas together!
Given that we both / each have most everything we “need” and because our wedding anniversary is earlier in December, this year we agreed to dispense with presents and save our money to just get our kids things.  (Which I then promptly left entirely in her capable hands…)
Of course, I meant it and she didn’t, so on Christmas Eve, Hil proudly showed me my “surprise” present and asked where her’s was.  I’m sure you can guess the rest of the conversation…
So on Christmas morning, while she was sleeping in, (I always get up at 5am to do the turkey), I wrote Hil a little poem in-lieu of a “real” present.  It’s titled: “Promised Miracles” and you can find it on my Poems page.  (And I swear, next time I’ll know better.)
Addendum: Actually, Hil asked for (and received) an upgrade to her phone, but because we picked it out before Christmas and activated it, she refused to let me wrap it.  So, a present in hand is not a present on Christmas morning.  (And, yes, next time I’ll know better…)
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