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Puff The Magic Dragon

Favorite Line(s):
A dragon lives forever,
But not so little boys
Painted wings and giant’s rings
Make way for other toys
One gray night it happened,
Jackie Paper came no more
And Puff, that mighty dragon,
He ceased his fearless roar
His head was bent in sorrow,
Green scales fell like rain
Puff no longer went to play
Along the cherry lane
Without his lifelong friend,
Puff could not be brave
So Puff, that mighty dragon,
Sadly slipped into his cave
Oh, Puff the magic dragon
Lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mist
In a land called Honah Lee
Puff the magic dragon
Lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mist
In a land called Honah Lee
Reading the lyrics as an adult, this is obviously a (somewhat sad) song about the loss of a child’s innocent imagination.  I, however, remember the song as a celebration of imagination and not of loss.  It is funny how the mind plays tricks on us.  The song was released when I was eight years old, but my memory places it back much further in my childhood.  I guess, in my memories, I held onto my “innocent imagination” longer than I thought.  —  KMAB
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Image of Willie McCovey


Two days ago, on Halloween, the world lost one of the true gentlemen of sports history:  Willie Lee McCovey.  Nicknamed “Mac”, “Big Mac”, and (my personal favorite) “Stretch”, McCovey was a first baseman who defined the position for me as a child.  He played for the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball for 19 of his 22 seasons in the majors.
My earliest memory of ANY sports event was attending a baseball game as a youth at Candlestick Park and seeing McCovey, Willie Mays, and Juan Marichal in person.  My mom and I sat high in the upper deck, underneath the shell which used to line the stadium.  I don’t recall if the Giants won the game or much else about the game except – Marichal’s high-kick pitching delivery style, Mays hit a home run and “Stretch” made a terrific catch at first base.  It wasn’t a high catch (as shown in the image above).  It was low, near the ground and McCovey had to practically do the splits to make the catch.
It seems “funny” to think of this, but imagine you are Willie Mays – arguably the greatest baseball player of all time and in the top five career home run hitters in history and you bat third in the order because the guy (Willie McCovey) batting fourth, behind you, has more power…
None of the above speaks to the true greatness of the man, himself.  It is better to think of Willie McCovey this way:  his last active year was 1980.  That same year, the Giants retired his jersey number (44) and began awarding “The Willie Mac Award” which is given to the team’s most inspirational player that year, as voted on by the team’s players, coaches, training staff, and (just recently included) fans.  Finally, in 1986, in his first year of eligibility, Willie McCovey was voted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.
R.I.P “Stretch”.  And thanks for the childhood memories…
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Today, I took Hil and my mom to my sister’s so I could watch the football game with her husband, while the ladies went out for some wine tasting.  On the way home, my mom asked me if I remembered “Old Uncle Joe”.  Joe wasn’t really our uncle.  He was just an elderly man who lived in the same apartment building we did.  Joe was a World War I veteran.  He used to sing us little songs from the early days of radio and phonographs.  My mom’s comment was that not many people can say they grew up actually knowing someone who fought in World War I (tomorrow is Veterans Day).
I said that I did remember Joe and I asked if she remembered that little song about the Irishman which he taught us.  She said she did not.  After a few minutes, some of it came back to me and I started singing it for them.  I didn’t remember all of it.  Just the part after “rigged him out so gay”…
As usual, curiosity got the better of me and I looked the song up on Google…  The first verse and chorus follow:
Jim O’Shea
Was cast away
Upon an Indian
The natives there
They loved red hair
They loved his
Irish smile
They made him
Chief Panjandrum
The Nabob
Of them all
They called him
Jij-i-bob Jhai
And rigged him out
So gay
He wrote
To Dublin Bay
I’ve got
Rings on my fingers,
And bells on my toes
To ride upon,
My little Irish
So come to
Your Nabob,
On next
Patrick’s Day
Song Title: “I’ve Got Rings On My Fingers
Written by: F. J. Barnes and R. P. Weston
Originally written in 1909
I didn’t know this was a “proper” song or that it was fairly popular in its day.  I also didn’t know there were other verses.  At least I don’t remember ever hearing them or singing them.  You can Google the song title and the lyrics are available on multiple sites and a couple of recordings are available on YouTube – including one version on a scratchy gramophone.
Hil commented (while we were in the car) she was surprised I remembered so much of the song since I obviously learned it quite young.  I admitted I was pretty surprised too.
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Before I had even heard of football (American Football) – there was the Giants.  My mother loves baseball.  It reminds her of growing up in Kansas, and for her, it will always be “America’s Pastime.”
My earliest recollection of professional sports was going to see the Giants play at Candlestick Park.  Back then we had Willie Mays, Willie McCovey and Juan Marichal.  Some of my earliest memories are playing catch for hours with a tennis ball against the steps of a neighbor’s house.  [We lived on a hill and they had a flat driveway next to their cement/stone steps.]  I dreamed of being Brooks Robinson – playing third base, making the diving catch outside the third base line of an otherwise foul ball to win the World Series!
Unfortunately, I grew up near-sighted with glasses and never was able to get the hang of hitting.  You have to practice hitting with others; unlike fielding which you can practice by yourself until your arms and legs give out, or it gets too dark to see, or (more frequently) the neighbors come home from work and tell you to get off of their driveway.  Being a bit of a loner (aka book-worm), I never had the opportunity to get enough swings in to learn to hit.
Anyway, I forgot about baseball.  But every few years, the Giants play well enough to get close to the playoffs and the old itch comes back…
I must admit – I am now only a complete bandwagon jumper/follower.  I wear my Giants t-shirt or hat after our first win and after our last game each season.  Other than that, I have almost nothing to do with baseball and they (shirt and cap) are both safe in their respective hiding places (the drawer and the closet).
I will normally (but not always) watch the World Series, but other than that…  I’m just not a fan of the game anymore.  I’d rather play catch than watch a game on TV.  And I no longer like crowds, so attending games is pretty much out of the question.
But this year, the Giants are in it to the very end.  Our magic number to win the National League West is one.  Tomorrow is the last game of the season and we are playing the second place team (the San Diego Padres).  If we win, the best they can do is wild card.  If we lose, we have an extended season – one extra game, in San Diego…
The excitement is growing here in the SF Bay Area.  Tonight, Hil and I went out to buy me a new t-shirt.  I wanted an orange one with black trim because all of my older kit has always been black with orange trim.  We went to JC Penny and I found a package deal of two t-shirts for $25!!!  One black and orange and one orange and black!!
So, I’m changing my Avatar’s until we win it all or until we’re wupped and out.
Orange Inside!!

Orange Inside!!

Go Giants!!!  I AM ORANGE INSIDE!!!

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