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The end of day twenty-five and the start of day twenty-six…
Morning weight:  332lbs.
I am now down “41/48”.  As in, 41lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 48lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s loss is a 2lbs loss, down from 334lbs yesterday.
The difference between humans and machines is our singular (for now) ability to interpret data and decide to believe / accept it or not.  This morning, my scale is bouncing between 329 and 330lbs.  This is four or five pounds less than the the previous day’s weight.  I simply do not believe that this far into a fast it is possible to lose 4 to 5lbs in a single day without most of it being water weight.  As such, I’m recording the loss for today as only 2lbs.  I will make an extra effort to ensure I stay hydrated today / tonight, and see what the scale says tomorrow.  IF it still says I’m down that much weight, then fair enough, otherwise I’ll feel vindicated in “suspecting” something was just funny with today’s weight.
Other news:  Not a lot.  The day has been grey, overcast, cool and windy.  Not conducive to an outdoor swim, but I went anyway.  I have to admit I am enjoying swimming a little more each day.  Oh, yeah…  My oldest is running for an elective office in November.  Today I went an ordered a few t-shirts for the family (and a couple of friends).  Hopefully, everyone will get a kick out of them when we host our house party for her campaign.  LOL!!
Tomorrow I take Hil for her surgery on her skin cancer.  They’ve said it’s very minor and there is nothing to worry about, but I’ll be the judge of that after it’s done and dusted.  It will be at least a half day affair and starts at 6:00am.  Meanwhile, I will be sleeping uncomfortably in the waiting room…   Any and all prayers are gratefully accepted.
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