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All We Need Is Love

Favorite Line(s):
What about the children
Think about their need
We can make a difference
If we only just believe
No it won’t be easy
Still, still it’s worth a try
It’s a revolution
And it starts with you and I
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Baton Rouge, St. Paul, Dallas, Nice (France)…
Sometimes, life (and violence) seems so cruel and indifferent.  All I want to do is rage against the world.  After Louisiana and Minnesota, I wanted a few days before I expressed my sadness in a blog.  After Texas, I was waiting to give myself a moment to absorb the hunting of police officers.  Now, France and peaceful crowds gathered to celebrate liberty…
I don’t have any answers…  I only offer this suggestion:
(If you are curious about the lyrics, I’ve added them to my “Poems” page.)
For now, I pray for those lost, for their families and for Peace…
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