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Our development assistance to other countries is not a bargaining chip, it is an investment in our long-term security.  Showing leadership and working with other countries is a measure of strength, not a sign of weakness.
We all want our borders to be secure and our laws to be upheld, but it is not true that we face a choice between security and our humanity: between sealing our country off and turning our back to the world on the one hand, or having open borders on the other.  The best way of protecting our security is by upholding our values and addressing the roots of this crisis.  We can be fearless, generous and open-minded in seeking solutions.
   —    Angelina Jolie
From her Editorial / Essay:  “The border crisis needs humanity, not fear
Appearing in: Time Magazine, dtd: 26 August 2019
The essay can also be found at Time’s site:  https://time.com/5640012/angelina-jolie-border-crisis/
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The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settle for.
   —    Maureen Dowd
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