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So, in my last post – on 27 September, I said the third shoe review was DOA.  Well, I had second thoughts after wearing the shoes with no socks.  Sure there is that initial “slimey” polyester feeling, but once you get past that the shoes were very comfortable.  To make a longer story shorter, I decided to give them another shot, but without socks.  Lo and behold, they didn’t curl my toes (painfully) and I managed to do 2 miles (about 30 minutes) done in them this morning.
I would say they are not as comfortable as the Ahnu’s – without socks – but they are ok, so I’m going to try to finish the test period.
As promised, here’s photo of the Triton’s sole with wear after only 6 miles.  I’ve included the photo of a new sole, so you can see the difference.  Because the soles are such a soft rubber, I doubt they will hold up thru normal (full 125 miles) review.
My Triton's with the soles "wear marked" at 6 miles.

My Triton’s with the soles “wear marked” at 6 miles.

Body Glove Triton Water Sock - bottom view

Body Glove Triton Water Sock – bottom view

Two points to make:  they are, in fact, comfortable; and, at 1/3rd the price of the Ahnu’s and 1/10th the price of the Vibram’s FiveFingers, they really don’t have to last as long!

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