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Yesterday, I woke up to darkness.  The alarm clock said it was after 8am, but the bedroom was DARK!  I slipped out of bed and went to look out the window and I felt very much like what the surviving dinosaurs must have felt the day after the meteor struck.  “Well, I’m still here, but it looks like Hell out there!”
The sky was a dark reddish, orange and grey with a steady (but light) ash-fall.  The streetlights were still on, because the day-light sensors were telling the lights it’s still night-time.
Here’s a shot looking east to where the sun normally is at this time of morning…
Here are a couple of shots of my car (which is parked under our carport)…
Here’s a shot of the ashes covering our backyard garden table…  The shadows you see are from the motion-activated yard lights which only come on when it is “dark”.  They don’t come on during dusk / evening / twilight.  Only when it is night.
The “day” brightened in the mid-afternoon before quickly getting dark again.  The “orb” of the sun was never visible in the sky.
Just as a matter of personal curiosity, the lack of visible spectrum light made the greens, oranges and reds REALLY pop out with incredibly vibrant color.  Truly bizarre!  Or, as Mister Spock would say:  “Fascinating!”
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