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Democracy relies on an informed and engaged public responding in rational ways to the real-life facts and challenges before us.  But a growing number of Americans are untethered from that.  “They’re not on the same epistemological grounding, they’re not living in the same worlds,” says Whitney Phillips, a professor at Syracuse who studies online disinformation.  “You cannot have a functioning democracy when people are not at the very least occupying the same solar system.”
    —    Charlotte Alter
From her article:  “Down The Rabbit Hole
Appearing in:  Time Magazine, dtd:  21/28 September 2020
Also appearing online at:  https://time.com/5887437/conspiracy-theories-2020-election/
Under the title:  “How Conspiracy Theories Are Shaping the 2020 Election—and Shaking the Foundation of American Democracy
[I am currently a paid subscriber to “Time Magazine“.  This quote appears without permission or authorization.  I do not (and have not) received any compensation for posting this quote from either the author or the magazine.  I am not claiming any ownership of the quote, nor am I promoting the purchase of the magazine.  It’s merely something I read and found interesting – so, I’m passing it along to anyone who reads this blog post.    —  KMAB]
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