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Alabama Rain

Favorite Line(s):
Drive in movies,
Friday nights
Drinkin’ beer and laughin’
Somehow things were always right
I just don’t know what happened
But now and then I find myself
Thinkin’ of the days
When we were walkin’ in
The Alabama Rain
Long before I ever saw “Forrest Gump“, I used to listen to this song and day dream about walking down a tree-lined / branch-covered path on a hot, humid afternoon holding my wife’s / girl friend’s hand; a sudden down-pour would drench us to the bone, but even after it stopped, the heat / humidity would still leave the walk home comfortable.  Wet, but comfortable.  I’ve never visited Alabama, but that’s how I’ve always thought of it.  Maybe, someday I’ll get a chance to find out…   LoL!  I suppose if anybody from Alabama reads this they’ll tell me I’m crazy and it’s not like my imagination at all.
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