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The end of day eleven and the start of day twelve…
Morning weight: 356lbs.  The scale actually read under 355lbs, but that can not possibly be correct so I am just subtracting 2lbs from yesterday’s weight total.  That’s 24lbs of total weight loss at the end of 11 days.  Obviously, this much weight loss is not sustainable.  IMHO.  It is only possible when you are experiencing rapid weight loss due to elimination of waist in your stomach.  In any case, my expectation is to lose about 1lb per day.  I’m sure the law of diminishing returns will kick in soon and it will much more difficult to lose 2lbs, let alone 3 to 5lbs in a single day.  I guess I know more tomorrow.
Another bad night for sleep.  We were still tired from the prior night, so we went to bed early.  11:00pm  —  Yes, I know, but that’s early for us.  It didn’t help.  Hil fell straight to sleep and I tossed for and hour before falling to sleep.  I then woke up at 3am.  I tossed for another hour (until 4:00am).  When I could not go back to sleep, I decided to get up and read.  I read some emails, played around on my blog and then finally walked the dog at 7am.  The sky was (is still) grey and full of smoke from the wildfires up north.  The sun was bright red and so diffuse you could look directly at it for a second or two (without seeming to hurt your eyes).
I got in my hour of treading water at the pool and upped the twisting motion to four sets of 100 (4X100).  I expect I may get up to 10 sets if I keep practicing.  I’m thinking of naming the twisting motion “agitator”, as I feel like the agitator in a cloth’s washer.  And it sure does make one puff.  It’s kind of like a sprint.
Once again, too lazy to make veggie juice.  I got by on mixed fruit juice, but it is waaaayyy too sweet and doesn’t leave me feeling anywhere near as “clean” inside at my veggie juices.  I am committing to making another bunch of veggie juice (swamp juice) tomorrow.  Ideally, that will get me through 14 days / 2 weeks (this Friday).
We’ll see.  Day by day…
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