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Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.
    —    Edward Abbey
[The “Great Negotiator” failed to negotiate with the other side (the Dems) at all.  The “Great Closer” failed to seal the deal within his own party.  “I have a GREAT plan to replace Obamacare!  And it will cover everybody, be cheaper, much cheaper, and better!”  But he refused to let anyone see it before the election.  After the election, he accepted Paul Ryan’s plan – basically, a tax break (“give-away”) to the wealthy, and a screw-job to the poor, the working poor, the elderly and women.  The final proposal – take it or leave it, I’m taking names and I get even – health care without ambulance service, without guaranteed prescription coverage, without pregnancy coverage, and without HOSPITAL coverage!  And these are just the main one’s that I’m upset about.  There were others, too!  Oh, and let’s try to cover up the effects of the law until after the next election, by not having them start to take effect for two years (after the next mid-terms).  Gee…  I wonder why the Republicans are getting roasted when they go back to their home districts for a “town hall” meeting?
Now, I am no expert in the arcane rules of Congressional reconciliation, but I understand that if a bill has been voted on once and failed, the chamber it failed in is not allowed to submit the proposed bill for a second shot at reconciliation.  This means had there been a vote, which failed, the Republicans would not be able to have a revote on the same bill.  They would have to put it through the regular procedure and then it could be filibustered within the Senate.  By removing the bill and not voting, the Republicans are positioning themselves to get a second bite at the cherry without facing the filibuster.  Look for them to try to “sneak” the bill by in the House at a later date.  This is going unmentioned amongst all the “Obamacare is the law of the land indefinitely”, malarkey.  They just want to twist some arms out of the spotlight.   You heard it here first…
It seems the price of health care is eternal vigilance and constant protest!    —    KMAB]
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Obamacare gave millions of Americans access to affordable health care, or at least protection against being unable to pay for a catastrophic illness or being bankrupted by the bills.  Now everyone has access to insurance and subsidies to help pay for it.  That is a milestone toward erasing a national disgrace.  But the new law hasn’t come close to making health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs low enough so that health care is truly affordable to everyone, let alone affordable to the degree that it is in every other developed nation.  Worse, it did little beyond some pilot projects and new regulations to make health care affordable for the country.  Instead, it provided massive government subsidies so that more people could buy health care at the same inflated prices that so threaten the U.S. Treasury and our global competitiveness.
     —    Steven Brill
From his article:  “What I Learned From My $190,000 Surgery
Excerpted from:  Time Magazine;  dtd:  19 January 2015
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