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One lesson is to have diverse voices at the table, to make sure democracy is retained.  But there are also things that we can’t put price tags on.  Some things are part of our public welfare, and we should not look at a balance book to do them.
    —     Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha
(Discussing the poisoning of the Flint, Michigan public water supply.)
As quoted by:  Belinda Luscombe
In her interview titled: “8 Questions
Appearing in: Time Magazine, dtd: 9 July 2019
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Conservatism is measured and reliable.  Conservative foreign policy is where you embrace your allies and recognize your enemies.  That’s a long way from where we are today.  We’ve adopted a populist attitude that is a sugar high.
    —     Senator Jeff Flake
U.S. Senator (R) from Arizona
Quoted in the article:  “8 Questions
In Time Magazine dtd:  21 August 2017
Written by:  Jack Brewster
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