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Last Saturday, was my 65th birthday.  Ten years ago, I took the week to jog 55 miles.  Because I’ve been having issues with my AFib, I haven’t been in a position to even consider trying to do the same thing for this birthday…

65K on 65Yrs

Instead, I decided to try to march-in-place for 65,000 steps.  As a subset, I did do my 30 minute dog walk and of course there is the regular amount of steps one would take in a day.  (I try to do a minimum of 7,500 steps.)  My prior FitBit maximum for a day was 50,000 steps which included the dog walk and a 5K jog.  Anyway, it was a long haul, but I made it.  I got my first 55K, my first 60K and then my 65K!  Sore back and sore knees at the end of the day, but otherwise no significant issues the following day.  And, yes, 544 minutes is over 9 hours to get it done.  LoL!!
Life can be full of small, daily achievements…
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