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He had delusions of adequacy.
   —    Walter Kerr
[It also describes #DonTheCon’s competency as President.  When he was elected, I vainly hoped the Office would somehow elevate the man.  I KNEW it would not, but as an optimist, I hoped.  I felt the same when “W” was given the election by the Supreme Court in 2000.  I wasn’t entirely wrong, then.  “W” may have been a terrible President (tax, war, economy and environmental policy-wise), but at least he didn’t actively try to destroy the country’s institutions the way the current President is trying to do.   I guess it’s true that the Presidency hi-lights your weaknesses as much as it does your strengths.  The unfortunate thing is there is no way to predict (even at this mid-stage of his Administration) how much damage #IncompetentDonald will do to the country I love, to our allies around the world, to Western civilization, or with climate change – to the entire planet.  I only hope that last sentence is hyperbole.  I fear it isn’t.  …And I’m an optimist!  —    KMAB]
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Those that lose wealth, lose much; those that lose friends, lose more; but those that lose spirit, lose all.
   —    Spanish proverb
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