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The end of day twenty-six and the start of day twenty-seven…
Morning weight:  329lbs.
I am now down “44/51”.  As in, 44lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 51lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s loss is a 3lbs loss, down from 332lbs yesterday.
Today my scale is bouncing between 324 and 327lbs.  This is four or five pounds less than the the previous day’s (scale) weight and the top end is 5lbs less than what I said my weight should “probably” be (yesterday) of 332lbs.  I still simply do not believe that this far into a fast it is possible to lose 4 to 5lbs in a single day without most of it being water weight.  As such, I’m recording the loss for today as only 3lbs which is closer to (the difference of) what the scale said I “really” was yesterday.  I made the extra effort to ensure I stay hydrated yesterday / last night, and instead of “correcting”, the scale said I dropped another 4-5lbs.  IF it still says I’m down that much weight tomorrow, I will begin using the top end it actually reports.  The “danger” to me is the psychological blow of seeing a weight increase for no reason except the scale “fixed” itself (or I retained water).  Of course, after weighing myself several time during the day and all measurements remaining consistent, a correction seems unlikely.
Other news:  Today was a major break in my routine.  I drove my wife to the Doctor’s office to get some cancerous skin removed.  We had to be there at 6:00am!!  Anyway, we got there on time and she completed the procedure and now we just wait to see if they got it all and if she’s okay.  We got home just before noon.  She went to bed and I fell asleep watching the news on the TV.  I checked in with her periodically to make sure she was okay.  I skipped the pool today to be around – just in case…
This evening I made fresh batches of veggie juice, ginger / mint tea and veggie broth.  I should have enough to make it to Monday (27 August), which will be a one month (31 day) fast!  If I manage to make it beyond that, I will be in completely new territory for me.  I’ve never gone further than a month before.  But, then again, I’ve never lost this much weight (by far) in any of my previous fasts.  So, we’ll see…  One day at a time.
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