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The end of day thirty-eight and the start of day thirty-nine…
Morning weight:  322lbs.
I am now down “51/58”.  As in, 51lbs down from my fasting start weight:  373lbs, and 58lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast):  380lbs.  Today’s weight is a 2lbs decrease from yesterday’s 324lbs.
Today I have been going crazy thinking about food.  I forgot and am now being forced to relearn the difference between “juicing” and “blending”.  In juicing, there is almost no roughage to fill up your stomach.  In blending, there is.  In addition to the difference in your subsequent bowel movements, you also re-start the body’s craving for the solids you get when eating (and blending) and which the body doesn’t get when you are juicing strictly.  Blending is, in essence, just eating without chewing in terms your stomach understands.
So, of course, I am obsessing about the “wrong” kinds of food:  steak, ribs, pizza, fried chicken, fried calamari, and various types of pies and cakes.  What’s a future “nutritarian” to do?  Well, for the moment, I’m just trying to gut-check through the next two days to make it to the other side.  It typically takes 3 to 4 days to convince your stomach it’s only going to get veggie juice or roughage broth (broth made from the veggie juice roughage).  So, I am really struggling and not sure I can make through the 39th day, let alone get to the end of the week.
It doesn’t help that I feel like I’m living through General Patton’s statement (paraphrased):  “I never retreat.  I don’t like to pay for the same real estate twice.”  Which is exactly how I feel about re-losing weight I’ve “regained” because I’ve moved a scale from a foot away to where it currently sits.
My focus now is to hang on until I get to 310lbs.  This will be one pound less than the weight I adjusted from (311lbs) when moving the scale.  From 324lbs, if I get to 210lbs, it will mean that I’d dropped 14lbs and would have been below the 300lbs mark based on the original scale location and measure.  After that, I’ll be eating again and I’ll just have to work / diet through my continuing goal of losing weight and getting healthier.  So, that’s the GOAL:  310lbs!  And then I can start chewing again…
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