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Christmas is once again sneaking up on us…
Anniversary Lunch:
Last weekend (Saturday), was Hil and my 27th wedding anniversary.  We started off by giving each other the same cards.  We bought them on different days, at different stores, and she got hers under husbands, while I got mine under wives – but they were the exact same card!  When I opened mine, I started laughing and Hil was hurt looking thinking she’d accidentally bought me one she’s already given me.  I told her to open hers and she understood why I laughed.
To celebrate, we went to the Cliff House in San Francisco for lunch.  We had our reception there (way back when).  It’s changed quite a bit.  There is a modern, new addition called “The Sutro”, where we ate.  The food was fantastic!  (Expensive, but fantastic.)  We had a lovely drive into town.  The sky was incredibly clear and visibility was “unlimited”.  Popping out of the Caldecott Tunnel, you could easily see both bridges and passed them out to sea.  We briefly debated driving around all the old neighborhoods, but settled on simply driving through Golden Gate Park.  GG Park is still as beautiful as ever.
When we got to the restaurant, there was several close parking spaces so we didn’t have to walk far up or down the hill.  The Cliff House is located about half-way up a pretty fair hill.  It’s not that steep from the bottom of the hill, but it’s long.  It’s not that long from the top of the hill, but it’s steep.
When we got inside and asked for a table, we were advised the restaurant did not normally take walk-ins, but they would check.  I looked over the balcony and saw several empty tables including one (a table for two) right by the windows.  We were advised there was sitting available and so we asked for the table I’d seen.  We had a terrific view.  I was facing north towards the old Sutro Baths ruins and Hil was facing Seal Rock, the ocean and Ocean Beach.
Sutro Baths Ruins (Left)
Sutro Baths Ruins (1)
Sutro Baths Ruins (Center)
Sutro Baths Ruins (2)
Path to Sutro Baths Ruins (Right)
Sutro Baths Ruins (3)
In these photos, the pool (1) is where the baths were located.    Photos (2) and (3) are the paths leading down to the ruins.
Believe it or not, even the drive home was beautiful as we watched the sun setting over the bay/City/Golden Gate.  Traffic was normal, but not stop-n-go and we decided to take I-80 up to CA-4 instead of going back through the tunnels.
Hil at lunch
Hil at our anniversary lunch
Hil sipping tea
Hil sipping tea
Hil in front of the Cliff House
Hil in front of the Cliff House
Hil at the Cliff House
Hil at the Cliff House
Tree Traditions:
We have a tradition of always getting our Christmas tree on the first full weekend in December, so on Sunday we went out to get the tree.  Sarah, Hil and I picked it out and after getting it on the stand, I sat back while they decorated it.
2011 Christmas Tree
2011 Christmas Tree (fuzzy)
And, of course, I’ve also got my health update – stoned again.  Kidney stones that is.  And they’re killing me!!  This last Tuesday, I went and got an ultrasound on them to see where they are and how big they are.  Hopefully, I can get them blasted or lasered before too long.  They are an almost constant pain now.  Sometimes, almost unbearable.
Still, life goes on…

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