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Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we will find the way.
  —  Abraham Lincoln
[It now seems likely that John Bolton’s book (to be released in March) will open up the spillways on what (to now) has been the leaking dam of the corrupt and incompetent Trump Administration.  We are likely to see a continuing death by a thousand cuts throughout the summer and into the election and the cuts will get progressively deeper as #45 continues to lose court cases – particularly about his taxes and finances.
How long until the Senate Republicans give up their fear of #45?  A third of all Senators are up for up for re-election in 2020.  23 are Republicans and 12 are Democrats.  The Democrats must hold ALL of their seats and pick off four of the Republicans to take control of the Senate.  This is a tall order if we have a “normal” election.  It seems to me more likely the Republicans will hold their seats if they dump their dead weight now than if they continue their support and face a massive vote against Trump.  The two questions are:  1) will the voter purge (of likely Democratic voters) be enough to tip the scales to the Republicans in the critical states, and, 2)  will Republicans not show up for #45 (in protest) and / or not show up en masse to protect the down ballot candidates (the sitting Senators).
The lesson of Nixon, Bush (I) and Obama is to cut your losses, take your lumps in the short run and come back strong in Congress before retaking the White House.  Having impeachment witnesses and then convicting and removing #45 will be better for the Republicans than full retribution in November.  If they don’t call witnesses, they lose for cynical hypocrisy.  If they do call witnesses (and documents), the trial drags on until they convince Trump to quit (like Nixon).  If they wait too long, they will not have time to rally around whomever they finally fall back on as their candidate.  Their best chance for November is to lance the boil quickly and as cleanly as possible…     —  KMAB]
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The reality of his candidacy comes through as a kind of humility bordering on fatalism.  Before sitting down for a beer with TIME, Ryan fielded questions from potential Iowa caucusgoers gathered on the brewery’s concrete floor.  “This will not be easy,” Ryan told his crowd.  “I’m not a superstar.  I’m not a savior.  I will tell you I will jump in the foxhole with you, and we will get this done.  We are smart enough, we are creative enough, we are courageous enough, to pull this off.  But it will be a long slog.”
  —  Phillip Elliott quoting U.S. Representative Tim Ryan
From Elliott’s interview / article:  “TheBrief: Time with…  Presidential Contender Tim Ryan
Appearing in Time Magazine, dtd: 22 April 2019
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Image of me in my Mayor Pete for President t-shirt

“Mayor Pete” Buttigieg for President in 2020

Say it with me: “Boot Edge Edge
About a month ago I saw this young guy get interviewed.  The interviewer said the guy was the Mayor of some place in Indiana (okay, it was South Bend, but all I heard was blah, blah hicks-ville, Indiana).  He is in his second term and got re-elected with over 80% of the vote!  He is a graduate of Harvard and an Oxford Rhodes Scholar.  He speaks seven languages and learned one of them just so he could read a book in the author’s native tongue.  He is a former Naval intelligence officer and served in Afghanistan (for seven months) while on leave without pay from his mayoral duties.
So, I listened to him speak…  And, I decided.
Prior to this, my three favorites for the Democratic nomination were (in order): Warren, Harris and Saunders.  (Yes, I am a Progressive / Liberal Democrat!)  To be honest, I think all have their weaknesses, but I believe any of them could defeat Trump.  The rest of the field, I’m not so sure of (including Biden), I don’t know anything about or I don’t really care for.  Anyway, I went online and bought a t-shirt – not realizing Mayor Pete hadn’t declared yet and was still in “just” the exploratory phase.
My daughter came over that evening and we were discussing who we each were favoring.  I said: “Mayor Pete, but I can’t pronounce his last name.”  She said: “Do you really think he can get elected?”  I replied: “Sure.  Why not?”  Her reply: “He’s opening gay…”  WHAT???
She asked how I could support him knowing this and pointedly adding that putting up a candidate who could defeat Trump was the most important thing the Democrats could do and she didn’t think the country was ready to elect an openly gay man.  I said I agreed, but I didn’t think the country was ready to elect an African-American in 2008 or re-elect him in 2012 and look how those elections turned out.
Does being straight or gay matter when you are running for ANY political office?  From an electability standpoint, of course it does.  But should it?  If I don’t believe faith (Kennedy), infidelity (Bill Clinton and probably a host of others), race (Obama) or gender (Hilary Clinton) matter, why should sexual orientation?  Is being “straight” critical to Presidential job performance?
When asked about whether gays should serve in the military, Republican Senator Barry Goldwater replied (I’m paraphrasing):  “I don’t care if someone is straight.  I just want to know if they can shoot straight.”  We KNOW President Trump is not very bright (he doesn’t read and has no curiosity), is a liar, is a cowardly draft dodger, is a tax cheat, is a terrible businessman, he appears to be a Russian puppet and he seems to only be interested in making money off of his term in office.  On balance, Mayor Pete is intelligent, well spoken, well read, a patriot and more than competent in his current office over the last two terms, so no, being openly gay does NOT matter to me.
I hope American will listen to what “Mayor Pete” has to say…  Then you can make up your mind and vote you heart.
Is America ready for an openly gay President?  To be honest, I don’t know…  But, I AM!
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