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SF Giants Beat the Washington Nationals In Game 1

SF Giants Beat the Washington Nationals In Game 1

On Wednesday, the Giants went into Pittsburgh and defeated the Pirates 8 to 0 in a game (the National League Wildcard Game) which wasn’t that close.  Today, they went into D.C. to play the best National League team (this year): the Washington Nationals.  We are in a best of five (“short”) series and having won (3 to 2), are now in the driver’s seat for the series.  Historically, the first game winner of a short series has gone on to win the series 70% of the time.  We only have to play .500 ball in the next four games to take the series.  The Nat’s have to play at least .750 to advance.
The odds have suddenly gotten a lot better!!
Update:  And it gets sweeter, still!!!
The Los Angeles Dodgers just lost the first game of their series (at home) to the St. Louis Cardinals by 10 to 9!!!
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