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Today I made a minor change to my blog.  Last year (1 Jan 2011), I began including a journal of my exercise habit(s) so I’d have a record to look back on.  The record has been as hit and miss as my routines, but it is accurate.
Now that we’ve started 2012, I’ve changed the main tab at the top of the page to read “Sweat Equity” and I’ve added extra pages to show the new year’s record.  I don’t imagine anyone but me will find them very interesting, but the main benefit of creating my own blog is I get to include what I want to…  Just another facet of a very rough, uncut diamond.
My goal this year is the similar last year:  to walk at least 30 minutes each day.  I didn’t last very long on the objective last year (to jog 30 minutes each day) because I ended up going to the ER / hospital with AFib.  Hopefully, I’ll do better this year.  Wish me luck…

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Well, the start of another year!
Hil, Sarah, Jane (a friend of Hil’s) and I welcomed in the New Year with a toast of apple cider and a relatively quiet evening at our house talking and watching the Doctor Who marathon on the BBC.  We switched over to KRON for the midnight fireworks in San Francisco.
Today, I gave James another driving lesson.  After that, I set up Skype on my home computer so I can talk with Hil while I’m away on my detail.
In the evening, I went for my first jog of the new year.  I’ve decided my New Year’s resolution is to walk at least 30 minutes each day this year (unless I do something more strenuous) – but a 30 minute walk will be my minimum.  Normal walking during the day doesn’t count.  This means I can do the walk if I’m stuck at an airport or mall or otherwise not able to jog, swim or whatever.
I’ve added a page to this site where I plan to start keeping track.  Today shows my jog.
This week will be busy at work as I get ready for my upcoming detail to Baltimore, MD.  I’m giving a short (1 hour) class on Monday and then an all-day workshop class on Wednesday.  The rest of the time, I’ll be trying to show my backup how to run the reports I normally run at the end / start of each month.  We’ll also spend some time going over other procedures (trouble-shooting and software installations, etc.)
I’ve started reading some of the material I printed out in advance of the detail, but I’m a slow learner when I don’t have practical “hooks” to associate material with in my memory.  And Lord, it seem like a boatload of acronyms!  Anyway, I hope I learn a lot when I get there.
Once again, the plan is work, workout, read and blog…

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