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Victory in the World Series got the best of me and I decided to take the day off of work to attend the Giants victory parade in San Francisco.  Being the conscientious parent that I am, I brought along my daughter Sarah. She, in turn, invited along some of her friends.  Before I knew it the whole thing had gotten out of hand and I was surrounded by about 800,000 of my closest friends.
I asked for leave at work and called in sick for Sarah – and off we went…
The following are some of the photos.  All of the good shots were taken by Sarah.  All of the bad/fuzzy ones were by me.  In fairness, she was using a real camera.  I was using my phone.
The photos start off with our 45 minute (!!) wait at the BART station in North Concord / Martinez to get tickets.  I’ve then added some shots from the train showing how the train went from empty to packed in only 4 stations – North Concord, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek.
I’ve then added some crowd shots from where I was at the Powell & Market Cable Car turn-around / BART Station.
Then come Sarah’s photos from the Civic Center – where the parade ended, in front of San Francisco City Hall.
Finally, there’s a photo from a Mr. Luis C., a friend of mine who is one of the most devoted Giants fans I’ve known for some time.  He sent me a picture of his “shrine”, which was set up when the Giants clinched the title by beating the San Diego Padres.
Sound delicious?  Enjoy…


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Well, the SF Giants did it!!!  They won the first two games of the World Series at home, then they went to the Rangers home park, dropped one and won the next two.  They completed the Series with a dominating 4 wins to 1 loss.  The Game 5 score was 3 to 1.
Tim Lincecum faced off against Cliff Lee, who prior to facing the Giants had been 7 wins and 0 losses in post-season play.  Against the Giants (and the Lincecum lead), Lee is now 0 wins and 2 losses.
Brian (“Fear The Beard”) Wilson closed the game with another brilliant strike out.  The Series MVP was Edgar Renteria who capped his Series tonight with a three run homer in the top of the seventh inning.  The Rangers avoided a third shutout with a solo home run of their own in the bottom of the seventh, but that was all they had and it wasn’t near enough to extend the Series and take it back to San Francisco for Games 6 and 7.
What did we learn: The Giants pitching is MUCH better than the Rangers hitting.  The Rangers pitching is not as good as the Giants.  Paper lineup advantages don’t always win on the field.  When a team beats you 4 games to 1, you need to stop saying “the best team doesn’t always win“.  The “better team” just put a good old-fashioned whuppin’ on ya – and you weren’t the “best team”.
We love you 2010 San Francisco Giants – World Series Champions and thanks for the torture!!!
Until next season, one last time:



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Just a curiosity…
52 – years since the Giants moved from New York to San Francisco
54 – 1954 was the last year the Giants won a World Series (in New York)
56 – years since the Giants won a world series
58 – 1958 was the year the Giants moved from New York to San Francisco
No significance.  Just a curiosity…
Go Giants!!! I AM ORANGE INSIDE!!!

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Bumgarner’s Heat is Orange and Black!!!

Giants Win Game 4;  Shutout in Texas 4 to 0!!! One Win To Go!!

Giants Win Game 4; Shutout in Texas 4 to 0!!! One Win To Go!!

The Giants won Game 4 of the 2010 World Series the way they’ve been winning all post-season – dominating pitching, excellent defense and timely big hits.  Tonight’s game was only the second Ranger shutout at home this season!!
Yesterday I posed the question – do you go for broke and pitch Lee with short rest and take a chance he’s still ready for another short rest to end the World Series if it gets to Game 7?  The Rangers decision was NO.  Lee will start Game 5 and face Lincecum.  The problem is, now you are down 3 games to 1 and you have to win ’em all to take the title.
The flip side to this question is the assumption Lee would have won tonight’s game.  Given Bumgarner’s performance, that is not a very strong assumption.  It’s likely Lee would have lost anyway and his aura of invincibility would be completely shattered.
Leaving aside the Lee issue as something now lost to the vagaries of baseball’s “what-if’s”, the more pressing issue for the Rangers is now who they will use in their middle-inning relief role.  They have been using Alexi Ogando, but he appeared to injure himself (his left side) on his sixth batter.  Up to then, he had retired the first five batters faced with little problem.  If Ogando is now out for the remainder of the Series, it seems even a more remote a possibility the Rangers can hold off the Giants for three straight games.  Time will tell…
What we’ve learned after four: Our 1 pitcher is as good as theirs.  Our 2 and 4 pitchers are much better than theirs.  Our 3 pitcher is not that much worse than theirs.  Our fielding/defense is as good as theirs.  Our hitting is as good as theirs.  Our base running doesn’t seem any worse than theirs.  They may be faster, but they don’t get on as much and don’t get hits with men in scoring positions.  All in all, big advantage to the Giants.
It’s hard not to count the chickens before they’re hatched, but I can’t see how the Rangers can pull this back without one of the biggest collapse’s in modern sports history.
Prediction: Giants in 5.
Go Giants!!! I AM ORANGE INSIDE!!!

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It goes without saying that at World Series level of play, it is VERY difficult to beat any other team three times in a row.  This is demonstrated by the rarity of sweeps (winning 4 games in a row) – primarily because you’ve got to win three before you can get to the fourth successive win.  Up two games to nil, the Giants didn’t get it done today and the Rangers are now back in the Series.
The Rangers get a single and a walk early and then one BIG home run by Moreland to go up early 3 to 0 in the 3rd inning.  They held that for another two innings until their best hitter (Hamilton) added an insurance HR in the 5th inning – 4 – 0 Rangers.  The Giants made a push with two solo home runs by Ross and Torres in the 7th and 8th innings (respectively).  But, for SF, it was too little, too late.  Game ends, Rangers 4, Giants 2 – Rangers win.
The good news is that although Sanchez did not have a particularly good game, he only gave up two big hits (out of 6 total hits), the Rangers still did not touch him a lot – and certainly did not demonstrate they were the “feared” dominating hitting and running machine they were purported to be prior to the start of the Series.
The big question now is whether despite today’s win, will the Ranger throw Lee back out for Game 4 tomorrow?  Had they lost Game 3, it is almost certain the decision would have been yes.  But are they in any different position?  If they don’t give it to their best pitcher and lose Game 4, they will be down 3 games to 1 and need to win EVERY game – THREE IN A ROW.  (Remember the lead paragraph to this post?)  If they use Lee and win, they have breathing room to lose one of the last three, but they will almost certainly need to use Lee again (certainly in Game 7) and again it will be on short rest.  Will Lee be effective on short rest?  Will he be effective on short rest twice?
Do you have faith in your whole staff?  Do you believe you can win a critical game without your best playing?  Do you save your best for a potential Game 6 or 7 which you may not reach if you don’t use Lee in Game 4?  And so, you roll the dice – play for the Game or play for the Series…
We’ll know the Rangers’ decision and the results in about 24 hours from now…

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Yesterday was the pitching duel that wasn’t. Tonight was the pitching duel we expected yesterday – until the dam burst.  And then it wasn’t!!

Giants Win Game 2 In 9 - 0 Shutout of Rangers!!

Giants Win Game 2 In 9 – 0 Shutout of Rangers!!

The game was decided in the 5th inning.  A sure-thing, Ranger home run hit the top of the outfield fence and bounced back into the field of play.  It was caught on the rebound and the runner was held at second base with a double.  This is what is commonly referred to as an “Act of God”.  When something this unusual happens, it almost always means the Baseball gods are smiling on the “lucky” team – that day if not for the series.  I was feelin’ the ORANGE and Rally Dog was shakin’.
In the bottom of the 5th, a solo HR by the Giants Renteria broke the goose-eggs.  It remained a close 1 to 0 game with an “anything can happen” feel until Uribe got a double in the 7th to add insurance.  It seemed then as if 2 runs would be enough to end the game and all the Giants had to do was hang on.
Instead of a defensive closer, Giant fans were treated to a Texas Nightmare/California Dream.  C.J. Wilson, (the Ranger starting pitcher), burst the blister on his throwing hand and was reduced to physically only being able to throw a curve ball without pain.  The Rangers began substituting pitchers.  With two outs in the bottom of the eight inning, the Giant’s got 7 runs.  Three of them were forced runs on bases loaded walks.  “Fear the Beard” Brian Wilson is sent back to the bench and Guillermo Mota finishes the game.  Shutout!!
What did we learn?  The Giants are hot!!  The Rangers – particularly the pitchers seem to be on a stage too high.  They are matching up well – which tells me it won’t be a sweep, but they are not getting very many breaks.  After all, how many times does a HR lip off a fence and fall back into play?  So far, the Giants 1st and 2nd pitcher are better than the Rangers 1st and 2nd.  The Cain vs Wilson match-up, in particular, seems to favor SF.  This means if the Series goes to 6 or 7 games, the Giants will have a big edge.  The collapse of the Ranger bullpen in the 8th is particularly troubling for any Texas fans.  The Series now goes to Texas where the Rangers should get a bit of rejuvenation.  It’s hard to imagine them winning three in a row, though.  That means they’ll have to come back to AT&T and win both games to win the series.  While nothing is impossible – again, it seems very unlikely at this point.
At the moment, the Giants need to win 2 games out of the remaining 5 to win the Series.  They only need to play 400 ball.  The Rangers, on the other hand, need to win 4 out of the remaining 5 games to take the Series.  What are the odds of the Rangers playing 800 ball to win the Series?  My revised prediction – it’s looking more like a 4-1 Giants Series than a 4-2 Series.  Fingers crossed!!!
Go Giants!!!  I AM ORANGE INSIDE!!!
PS: I’ve decided to call Rally Dog “Bingo” from now on.  Only a nerd baseball fan will know why.

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Game 1 of the 2010 World Series was not the game anyone expected.  The final was SF Giants 11, the Texas Rangers 7, but the score fails to tell the depth or breadth of the victory.

Win #1 - Giants 11, Rangers 7

Win #1 – Giants 11, Rangers 7

Neither team’s aces had very good outings, but Texas’ Lee was chased from the mound.  SF’s Lincecum was merely pulled.
The start of the game definitely favored the Ranger’s.  So far this post-season, most of the Giants pitchers have started slow and then settled in to good to great outings.  Today was another slow start for Lincecum who faced seven batters before getting his first strike out.  At the end of two innings, the Giants were down 2 to 0 and it looked like the Rangers might run away with the game without any major hits.
The worm turned and the Giants got two runs in the 3rd inning.
Game tied, the Giants and the crowd seem restored.  Suddenly, the Giants exploded with 6 runs in the 5th inning and they seized control of the game – 8 to 2.  Lee is chased off the mound by the Giants bats and actually appears to run from the field to the bench.  I was left wondering, if I’d actually seen that or if it was some other player.  No one comments, so I’m left feeling it must have been a coach or assistant trotting off the field to the dugout.
Meanwhile, Tim settled down and lasted through most the 6th inning giving up another two runs before being shown to the bench.  Still, unless the highly improbable happens, Lincecum knows he’s going to get the “W” in this game.
The improbable does NOT happen.  The Rangers threaten with two runs in the 6th inning to make it 8 to 4 Giants.  The Giants respond with 3 insurance runs in the 8th inning – making it 11 to 4 Giants.  The Rangers threaten again with 3 more runs in the 9th inning, but it’s far too little, far too late.  Final – Giants 11, Rangers 7.
What did we learn??  The Giants can hit.  The Rangers can hit.  Neither one of the number 1 pitchers are infallible.  That’s a tougher lesson for the Rangers who had Lee with a “walk on water” playoff record of 7 wins and 0 losses before tonight.  It’s an encouraging lesson for the Giants who will almost certainly have to face Lee again.  The Rangers are not going to quit. Down 8 to 2 and 11 to 4 they continued to fight right through the last out of the 9th.  The Giants don’t panic.  At the end of 2, the Rangers looked like a steamroller and Lincecum looked badly touchable.  Another Giants team might have folded up their tent to go home.  This year’s Giants re-tied their shoelaces, pulled their caps down lower and went back after the Rangers.  The Giants got 5 runs off of Lee, but they got 6 off of the Rangers bullpen.  This means once we get by their starter on any given day, we’re going to be in a good position to do more.  The Rangers, on the other hand, got 4 runs off of Tim but only 3 off of our bullpen.  While just one game is too small a sample for a real solid opinion, it looks like our quality depth and variety will mean the difference, the longer each starter goes and the longer the series goes.
As a Giants fan, I want a sweep.  As a realist, I’m expecting another 4 to 2 series win for the Giants – based mostly on the fact that our best faced their best and we won round one.  These two will probably go head to head again in either game 6 or game 7.  I’m expecting game 6.  But the home field advantage is with the Giants.  As long as the Giants hold serve tomorrow and go back to Texas up two-nil, it’s unlikely Texas will win all three back there.  That means we’ll come home with two games to win one and the Giants have shown (repeatedly) they can get the job done.
As a fan of baseball and sports in general – history shows that great teams play great series.  That means you either dominate and sweep or the series goes to seven games and you manage to win.  Strangely enough, (in my humble opinion,) most sweeps are NOT remembered as great series.  It’s the seven game series which are remembered across the decades.  Strangely enough, even the losing teams find history (and glory) in a seven game series.  Is it blasphemy to want the Giants to win in a sweep, but hope they win in seven (as opposed to 5 or 6)?

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