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You Were Always On My Mind

Favorite Line(s):
If I made you feel
Second best
Girl, I’m sorry
I was blind
But you were always on my mind
You were always on
My mind
On This Day In:
2020 Rising Danger
210 Day Health / Weight Update (Apr 2020)
2019 Never Let ‘Em See You Sweat
2018 Just Two?
2017 Living Without Love
Good News!
2016 At This Moment
2015 Still Dreaming
2014 Good Wins
2013 Before
2012 Look To This Day
2011 One View Of Man

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Lemon Tree

Favorite Line(s):
When I was just a lad of ten,
My father said to me
“Come here and take a lesson from
the lovely lemon tree”
“Don’t put your faith in love, my boy”,
my father said to me
“I fear you’ll find that love is like
the lovely lemon tree”
On This Day In:
2020 Close, Sustained And Careful
2019 #45: Spread The Fear
Fear The Beards
2018 Slice, Nick, Cut, Bled
2017 Like Most Blogs
2016 The Window Left Open
Free Experience
2015 Reality == Perception / (Times Reported * 10)
2014 Tear Da Roof Off Da Sucka
2013 Exposed Spirits
2012 Ow-ow
2011 Focused Relatives

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Sail On

Favorite Line(s):
Sail on down the line
Ain’t it funny how the time can go
Friends say they told me so
But it doesn’t matter
It was plain to see
That a small town boy like me
Just wasn’t your cup of tea
I was wishful thinking
On This Day In:
2020 Facing The Truth
2019 How Much Is Your Education Worth?
Is America Ready: Mayor Pete – 2020!!
2018 Disruptive Definition
2017 A History Of Small Insights
2016 Be Uncommon
2015 Ooops!
2014 What Price Freedom?
2013 Remembering Val
2012 Good-bye, Val
Survival Value
2011 Traitors In Our Midst
Life Ain’t Easy

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Rocky Mountain High

Favorite Line(s):
Now he walks in quiet solitude the forest and the streams
Seeking grace in every step he takes
His sight has turned inside himself to try and understand
The serenity of a clear blue mountain lake
On This Day In:
2020 Stand Up!
Crowd Sourced Scouting Report
2019 Only One Direction
2018 Respect Is Long Gone
2017 Dream Of Dreamers
2016 Dear Automakers
2015 And Some Not So Brave Too
2014 In My Lifetime…
2013 Democracy
2012 Borrowed Expectations
2011 Not Necessarily True

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Favorite Line(s):
And she said, we must get together
But I knew it’d never be arranged
And she handed me twenty dollars
For a two fifty fare
She said, Harry, keep the change
Well, another man might have been angry
And another man might have been hurt
But another man never would’ve let her go
I stashed the bill in my shirt
On This Day In:
2020 Neither Alone, Nor Lonely
2019 That’s Why It’s Called Faith
2018 So We Agree, #45 Is Dumb – Too
2017 The Morality Of Spying
2016 He Doesn’t Remind Me Of Me
The First Rule
2015 Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow
The Man Without Fear
2014 I Blame Robocop
2013 Future Trustees
2012 Praise Not The Day…
2011 Educated Living

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Favorite Line(s):
I never met a girl like you in my life
I never, no, no, yeah
I never met a girl like you in my life
On This Day In:
2020 Life’s Mysteries
2019 I Doubt I Ever Will
2018 Who Will Thank (If Not Remember) Me
2017 Reinforced Learning
2016 I Choose To Believe
2015 What They Don’t Teach You At School
2014 Still Trying To Die (5)
2013 Honest Doubt
2012 Choice
2011 Ownership Of Thought

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Help Me Rhonda

Favorite Line(s):
Well since she put me down
I’ve been out doin’ in my head
I come in late at night
And in the mornin’ I just lay in bed
Well, Rhonda you look so fine
And I know it wouldn’t take much time
For you to help me Rhonda
Help me get her out of my heart
Help me Rhonda
Help, help me Rhonda
On This Day In:
2020 For Sale
2019 Letting Go
2018 Trying To Give More
2017 The Reproductive Value Of A Presidential Election
2016 For Me It’s Been Faith
2015 Where Many Paths And Errands Meet
2014 Rimmed Out
2013 Likeness
2012 Sums It Up Quite Well, Actually
2011 Momentary Abandonment

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Evil Ways

Favorite Line(s):
You’ve got to change your evil ways, baby
Before I stop lovin’ you
You’ve got to change, baby
And every word that I say is true
You’ve got me runnin’ and hidin’ all over town
You’ve got me sneakin’ and a peepin’ and runnin’ you down
This can’t go on
Lord knows, you’ve got to change, baby
I’m sorry, this is not the best sounding video version on YouTube, but I just can’t believe how young Carlos Santana and his band members look in this version – of course, it was 1969!    —    KMAB
On This Day In:
2020 A Different Premise
2019 Can Too
2018 To Get Strength
Drip, Drip, Drip
2017 Bricolage Art
2016 Just A Shame
2015 Treasures Of The Mind
2014 Not Quite Exceeded Reach
2013 Who’s Side?
2012 Why I Joined The Army And Not The Navy…
2011 Is It Your Turn Yet?
Just Trippin’

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I Hear A Symphony

Favorite Line(s):
You’ve given me a true love
And ev’ry day I thank you love,
For a feeling that’s so new,
So inviting,
So exciting.
Whenever you are near,
I Hear A Symphony,
A tender melody
Pulling me closer,
Closer to your arms.
On This Day In:
2020 My Thoughts On #LyingDonald’s Corona Briefings
2019 As I Recall
2018 Effective Violence And A Government At Risk
2017 Playing The Same Music
2016 Survival Instinct
2015 Tears
2014 Bourne Again (4)
2013 God’s Protection
2012 Happy Easter!!
Edge, Class, Clash, And Flight
The Value Of Bureaucracies
2011 Logic Cuts

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My son is an Elvis fan.  I prefer Sinatra…  (but Elvis is cool, too.)

My Way

Favorite Line(s):
For what is a man
What has he got
If not himself
Then he has not
To say the things
He truly feels
And not the words
Of one who kneels
The record shows
I took the blows
And did it
My way
On This Day In:
2020 Make A Fuss
2019 Hopefully, You’re Learning To Forgive
2018 Enjoy The Sunsets As Well As The Sunrises
2017 Enjoy
2016 I Got A Feeling
2015 Fiction Leading To History
2014 A Self-Correcting Process
2013 None But He Knows
2012 99% Are Demanding
2011 All In The Family
Take Your Pick

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Today, two for the price of one:

On Broadway

Favorite Line(s):
They say that I won’t last too long
On Broadway (on Broadway)
I’ll catch a Greyhound bus for home
They all say (on Broadway)
But they’re wrong,
I know they are
Cause I can play this here guitar
And I won’t quit till I’m a star
On Broadway (on Broadway)
On This Day In:
2020 Another Reason #DonTheCon Continues To Lie About The Pandemic
A Receptive Push
2019 I’m Still Struggling To Rise
2018 Once Suddenly Free
2017 What Is Childlike
2016 The Latter A Lot Quicker Than The Former
2015 Notes On My Nightstand
2014 Generations
2013 Two For One
2012 Seen And Heard
2011 The Hazards And Vicissitudes Of Life

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Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Favorite Line(s):
Some boys take a beautiful girl
And hide her away from the rest o’ the world
I wanna be the one to walk in the sun
Oh girls,
They wanna have fun
Ho hoo girls just wanna have
That’s all they really want
Is some fun
When the workin’ day is done
Oh girls,
They wanna have fun
On This Day In:
2020 To My Idealistic Sister
2019 Respect For My Sister
2018 I Trust Cows
No Boundary
2017 Don’t Sink Now
2016 A Burning Passion To Teach Freedom
2015 Before Debit (And Credit) Cards
2014 Herding Cats
2013 Ooops!
2012 Understand A Great Truth
2011 Start Here…
2010 Random Acts of Vandalism On Easter Weekend…

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In The Air Tonight

Favorite Line(s):
And I can feel it coming in the air tonight,
(Oh lord)
Well I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life,
(Oh lord)
I can feel it coming in the air tonight,
(Oh Lord)
Well I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life oh Lord,
(Oh Lord)
On This Day In:
2020 Golden Eagle
Like #45: Incompetent Donald
2019 #45: Who Lost By Three Million Votes
2018 Torn Between Two Loves
A Girl And A Boy
2017 I Think They Are Starting To…
2016 Living There
2015 Bookin’ West
Beyond My Reach
You Never Call Anymore…
2014 Winning?
2013 Still Inventing
2012 Motivated
2011 Waiting In Line At Starbuck’s

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Favorite Line(s):
I’ve been,
I’ve been thinking
I want you to be happier,
I want you to be happier
Even though I might not like this
I think that you’ll be happier,
I want you to be happier
Then only for a minute
(Only for a minute)
I want to change my mind
‘Cause this just don’t feel right to me
I want to raise your spirits
I want to see you smile but
Know that means I’ll have to leave
On This Day In:
2020 Thank You (To Those Who Serve)
Hanging In There
2019 Her Job, Too
2018 Just Another Song I Like
Earlier Still
2017 Ten To Go
2016 Unstable Emergence
2015 88
2014 Some One-Liners Are Too Easy
2013 Greatness
2012 Memories Of Arlington
2011 Wake Up

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Favorite Line(s):
It gets the best of me
When I’m sailing
All caught up in the reverie,
Every word is a symphony
Won’t you believe me?
Takes me away
To where I’ve always
Heard it could be
Just a dream
And the wind
To carry me
And soon I will be free
On This Day In:
2020 Making Me
2019 Inside Your Head
2018 Lingering Curiosity
2017 Just Kidding
2016 The Danger Of Walls
2015 Protection
2014 Let It Go
2013 Don’t Know And Not Telling
2012 A Challenge For Progress
2011 Dependent Difficulty

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