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Once again another 9/11 rolls around and my thoughts return to the innocents in the attack at the World Trade Center, at the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.  I remember (and celebrate) the courage of those first responders who gave their lives trying to save others simply because it was their job and what they’d chosen to devote their lives to.  I roll forward to those who spent weeks and months in the toxic rubble clearing the site(s) and looking for anything which might bring some closure to those who lost family and friends that day.  I think of the government which told them it was “safe” to work there and then delayed assistance when the workers started experiencing toxin related illnesses.  Finally, I think of those who did their sworn duty and went half a world away to keep our homeland safe(r).  The killed.  The injured.  The traumatized.  Those to whom we still owe a debt of honor (and gratitude) which “some” – with the increasing distance of history – are unwilling to fulfill.
To all of you:  “You are in my prayers.”  And, as trivial as it may seem to those who’ve sacrificed so much more than I have:  “Always remembered.”
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