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Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness.  Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
    —    George Santayana
From:  “The Life of Reason
[In less than 70 days, we (the U.S.) will be having our “mid-term” elections.  This is typically a referendum on the sitting President and his / her policies.  It sometimes results in a change in majority party in the House of Representatives, the Senate – or, less frequently, both.  At the moment, both are “controlled” by the Democrats, but it is generally believed the Republicans will “flip” both come November.  I believe this will almost certainly happen if Democrats fail to get off their “duffs” and vote – much as they failed to do in the Presidential election of 2016 – which resulted in the election of Trump to President, to Republican control of both sides of Congress (House and Senate) and, ultimately, to Republican control of the Supreme Court.  (How has that worked out for us, folks?)
Elections have consequences!  Register early.  Confirm your registration.  Talk to your friends and family.  Ask them to register AND to vote.  And you VOTE, too!!  Elections are NOT won by the majority of the people.  They are won by the majority who VOTE.  Make your voice heard:  VOTE!    —    kmab]
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