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It may give us some comfort in these worrisome times to know that in all of history only one country has actually been crazy enough to detonate atomic weapons in the midst of civilian populations, turning unarmed men, women and children into radioactive soot and bonemeal.  And that was a long, long time ago now.
Kurt Vonnegut
Letter to the New York Times
12th September 2002
    —     Kurt Vonnegut
From:  “Kurt Vonnegut:  Letters”
Edited by:  Dan Wakefield
Found at one of the sites I follow:  “Letters of Note
The specific post is:  https://news.lettersofnote.com/p/most-letters-from-a-parent-contain?s=r
[Please visit the original site if you have a few spare minutes…    —    kmab]
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