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A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.
   —     Steven Wright
On This Day In:
2022 Modern Republicans Have Long Since Concluded…
2021 Do Senate Republicans Believe In The Constitution And The Rule Of Law (Or Not)?
With Your Red Dress On
2020 Morally Treasonable
2019 Lost Again Or Still?
2018 Why #LazyDonald Starts Work At 11AM
2017 At Least Most Of The Time
2016 But Doctor, I Never Learned How To Read
2015 Punch The Keys, For God’s Sake!
2014 Ouch!
2013 Revelations
2012 Movies And Juicing
Brady Gets #4 (Prediction)
Happy To Get Up
2011 What About Good Blogs?
2010 Slowly, Slowly…

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