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The timeless image [of yoga] is a mirage.  Yoga has changed many times over the centuries and needs to change again.
The stakes are enormous — and not just for the millions of practitioners who expect a safe experience.  The really gargantuan issue is helping the discipline realize its potential.
Physicians talk about breakthroughs in personalized medicine and pharmacogenetics —  of using information from a person’s genetic map to tailor medicine to his or her own particular needs.  But yoga can already do that.  It can turn our bodies into customized pharmaceutical plants that churn out tailored hormones and nerve impulses that heal, cure, raise moods, lower cholesterol, induce sleep, and do a million other things.  Moreover, yoga can do it at an extremely low cost with little or no risk of side effects.  It has the potential to usher in a genuine new age, not one of wishful thinking.
Western science tends to view the body as a fixed thing with unchanging components and functions.  But yoga starts from a different premise.  It sees a lump of clay.  The body in this view is awaiting the application of skilled hands.
    —    William J. Broad
From his book:  “The Science Of Yoga
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