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Democracy remains the form of government most likely to create lasting security and prosperity.  A few oil-producing nations aside, the world’s wealthiest countries are democracies, and democracies are also less likely to go to war with one another.
The findings from these countries suggest that while democracy remains a popular aspiration around the world, “attraction” will prove more effective than “promotion” as a way to help democracy expand.
The report argues that the U.S. has made four main mistakes in fostering democracy abroad.  U.S. policy­makers have focused on the laws and institutions of other countries but not their political cultures.  They’ve assumed that people will forgo near-term security and stability for the chance to vote.  They’ve used military intervention to promote democratic values without accounting for the problems this approach creates.  And they’ve ignored the values and interests of those they hope to persuade.
The survey also finds that allowing foreign-born people to study and live in the U.S. can help to promote democracy: support for American ideas of democracy is driven largely by immigration and direct connections to diaspora communities.  People who report having had family members or close friends who have lived in America in the past five years are significantly more likely to have positive views.
That’s one reason U.S. policy­makers would be more successful if they found the modesty to promote democracy around the world without the explicit American packaging and with the humility to acknowledge that the U.S. has often failed to live up to democracy’s highest ideals.  Democracy’s appeal comes in the power it gives individuals to set their own course.  America should accept that each country will need to find its own path to adopt democracy.
    —    Ian Bremmer
Editorial:  “Selling Democracy
Appearing in:  Time Magazine, dtd:  27 May 2019
The article appears online at:  https://time.com/5590236/what-defines-worldwide-democracy/
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