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The new information technology…  Internet and e-mail…  have practically eliminated the physical costs of communications.
    —    Peter Drucker
[Many years ago, I was unemployed and looking for work.  I was applying (electronically) to a (local) company for jobs in specific fields in which I was very experienced.  After multiple attempts to contact the company to determine the status of my application and confirm the receipt of my resume, I got through but was advised it would be extremely unlikely I would be considered for the openings.  All resumes were processed by an automated system which looked for keyword matches (between the solicitation and responses) and my resume would not clear this hurdle.  I asked why as I had over 15 years hands-on experience (with both breadth and depth).  I was advised they were only considering computer science graduates with multiple years of experience in specific skills.  When I pointed out a couple of the skill sets they listed did not exist for the length of time they were requiring, the response was they were receiving numerous applications and were confident they would get highly qualified candidates.  I was told they announcement was good (open) for two weeks and they were receiving (on average) 2,000 applications per day.  When I asked how they hoped to work through 20,000 resumes in any reasonable time period, that’s when I was told about the automated system.  The HR person would ask “the system” for ten (or twenty) well qualified applicants and the system would spit out the first ten which were matches.   I pointed out that while they might get 10 “qualified” persons, there was mathematically almost zero (.0005) chance they would get the “best” person because their methodology did not even request all “qualified” candidates – only the first ten.  The response was that given the volume of the responses, this was the only way they could be fair in their hiring process.  Oh, and please don’t call us directly again – we’ll call you.
Needless to say, I didn’t get an interview for the position.
This hi-lighted (for me) the lowered cost of job application (no printing or mailing costs), resulted in a corresponding flood of applicants who were applying “for free”.  Years later, when I was working with HR staff responsible for hiring I saw the flip side of this process.  Because the cost of applying was zero, the hiring staff had to make multiple system requests for resumes, because keyword matches did not mean qualified (at all).  It only meant the applicant was able to pull the requisite words from the announcement and include them on their application / resume.  In fact, in multiple instances, the applicants were including cover letters to other companies or for other positions.  Yep, “perfect” candidates…
From watching TV and movies (sitcoms and rom-coms), I have a feeling this is the same situation / set of circumstances with on-line match making and speed dating services…  For every one (relationship) that works out (and I’m sure there are a few which do), there are probably gazillions which don’t.    —    KMAB]
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