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Oh how smoothly, how swiftly and horribly, how cruelly and thoroughly, one discovers the powers and prowess of Maya, the Supreme Power of Illusions!  With a simple sleight of her hand, léger de main, everything changes in a moment; electrically charged, exciting years of life shrink to moments – just to realize that all that fascinating reality had been a dream.  Perhaps all that happened before had been a continuous sequence of beautiful images that one would admire and fall in love with, only to realize at the end that it’s all a game of dreams, illusions and Maya.  The reality also strikes, at the same moment, that everything one would still experience in the future, would see with one’s eyes and feel with one’s hands, up to the moment of one’s death — that everything is not going to be any different in substance, or any different in kind.  Why should it be?  It’s always been all a game, all foam and all dreams.  It’s Maya, the lovely and frightful, delicious and desperate kaleidoscope of life with its searing delights, intertwined with its searing sorrows, the amazing show that has been ongoing since the dawn of Universe.
   —   Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate
Originally found at:  https://dshenai.wordpress.com/2015/01/03/illusions-of-maya/
[I followed this blog for a couple of years.  Unfortunately, it is now a “private” site on WordPress.  Our loss…    —    KMAB]
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