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…“I think it’s been made very clear that we’re in a time where truth is very confusing, and we have people in our leadership making that confusing,” he says.  “To me, the more interesting thing is that we also need to be careful about the myths that we tell.  And who we believe in.”  Gyllenhaal participates in one of this generation’s most successful mythmaking enterprises by playing a character who calls into question everything about the making of myths.
    —    Jake Gyllenhaal
As quoted by:  Belinda Luscombe
In her article:  “In a New Broadway Play, Jake Gyllenhaal Attempts Something Radical: Normalcy
Appearing in Time Magazine, dtd: 19 August 2019
The interview also appears online at:  https://time.com/5647321/jake-gyllenhaal-sea-wall-a-life-interview/
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