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Aryam Guerrero, who lost her brother Juan Ramon at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in 2016, told my colleague Melissa Chan this week that she has become numb to the constant threat.  “I just live my life as if I could die in the next 30 minutes,” Guerrero said.  “You have no choice but to live with it.”
We do have a choice as a society.  Not a perfect choice.  Or a guaranteed solution.  But doing nothing in the face of repeated mass murder in our society is indefensible.
More than 250 mass shootings in the first 220 days of 2019 alone, it’s hard to believe that this doesn’t go without saying.
  —  Edward Felsenthal
From his editorial:  “We have a choice
Appearing in Time Magazine, dtd:  19 August 2019
The editorial also appears online at:  https://time.com/5646854/time-cover-enough-shootings/
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