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If you love, you are considered naive.  If happy, you are considered frivolous and simple.  If generous and altruistic, you are considered suspect.  If forgiving, you are considered weak.  If trusting, you are considered a fool.  If you try to be all of these things, people are sure you are phony.  This flippant attitude has had much to do with the breeding of a society of detached, noncommitted persons too sophisticated to admit to their confusion and unhappiness and too caught up in ego to risk doing anything about it.  It has perpetuated isolation and devalued basic human values.  This, in spite of the fact that over the past years there has been amassed a vast scientific literature which proves that relationships DO matter, that intimacy IS necessary to sustain a good productive life, that a loving touch or a hearty laugh can heal, that positive relating BRINGS physical, psychological and mental well being.
    —    Dr. Leo Buscaglia
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