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I am no longer young.  But the memory of all that lingers.  In every life you leave your loved ones behind, through death, by omission and sometimes because the chasm between them and you is too great.  You leave your town by choice or by the inevitable unspooling of life.  But at some point you realize that you loved some parts of it.  Even when it is flawed.  You can even love a failing chicken restaurant and a speedway you never went to.  You were young.  When those days come to mind, you will want to call your people, even the ones who are no longer there or anywhere.  You will want to declare: I have loved you through time and space.  It is hard to be us.  It is hard to be anyone.  You will want to tell them, I forgive, I forgive you everything.
    —    Stephanie Powell Watts
From her article:  “Race Day
Appearing in:  Time Magazine;  dtd:  6 August / 13 August 2018
Online, the article is titled:  “Memories From the South: Fried Chicken on Race Day
And is at:  https://time.com/5349504/stephanie-powell-watts-race-day/
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